Choreographer Chuck Maldanado is On the Move


My Name is… Chuck Maldonado

I atttended… North Carolina A&T University. “Aggie Born Aggie Bred and when I die…”

The reason you are reading about me is… Because I am an Artistic Director/Choreographer in Hollywood that have choreographed numerous Videos, Awards Shows, Commercials, TV Sitcoms, Tours, and Movies.

Right now I’m working on… Stomp The Yard 2 (Homecoming), Sprite Step Off, Nickelodeon “Fresh Beat Band” and a McDonald’s Commercial.

But if I wasn’t, I’d be… Teaching and Educating young dancers about the Entertainment Industry.

One thing I do every day is… Workout at the gym, eat healthy, and find ways to market myself for future jobs.

I can’t stand when people… Give up on there dreams.

But I love it when people… Work hard, and motivate and inspires themselves to be the best that they can be. Both as a person and in there career.

If you happen to run into me in the street… You will find out that I am a kind warm hearted, and very friendly person that cares.

The Best piece of advice I ever received was… Take the first Step in Faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first Step.

If I had to coin it, my message would be… Ask, Believe and Receive.

My future plans and projects include… Working on Producing future Shows.

Big Ups to… My family and Friends that always support me in all my endeavors. I am grateful to them.

Chuck Maldonado is a four time award winning Choreographer who has served as choreographer for the 1996 opening ceremony for the Centennial Olympic Games utilizing 400 Steppers. As an International Master Dance Workshop Teacher, each summer, Chuck choreographs a one-week Stepping & Hip Hop Master Workshop for Debbie Allen Dance Academy’s ‘Hip-Hop Intensive.’

In Major Motion Pictures, Chuck Choreographed ‘Stomp the Yard,’ ‘Bewitched,’ & ‘Shark Tale.’ He has also choreographed two Major Motion Picture Promotional Videos for Disney Pictures, “G Force” and “Underdog.” Chuck has worked with many Major Recording Artists including Chris Brown, P. Diddy, Ne-Yo, Fergie, Tamia, Missy Elliott, Raven Symone, Ludacris, Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopez and a countless list of others.

As a proud member of both Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated & Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity Incorporated, Chuck draws on knowledge from his many experiences including having been a Percussionist in North Carolina A&T’s Marching Band where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing & Management.

Chuck Maldonado:

Booking Info: Bloc Talent Agency (323) 954-7730 Agent: Brendan Filuk

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  1. Congratulations!

    It’s been years since we’ve talked.You look like you have been and a time vacuum – you have not changed! Congratulations on your success.

    Alvin Blount

  2. Yo Chuck, “Aggie Pride”. It warms my heart to see a fellow Aggie doing the dang thing. I actually competed in the 1996 Olympic Trials in Atlanta, Ga. Did not know you were doing the choreography for the games. Stomp The Yard was of the hook, cannot wait for part 2. I wish you all the blessing and success and keep reppin them Aggies baby!

  3. Chuck, best wishes in all of your endeavors! May the hand of God forever be.upon you! From one AGGIE to another! Peace!

  4. Congratulations Chuck! May you have continued success in making your dreams come true, So very happy and proud of you!

    Aggie Pride!

  5. Hey Chuckie my friend it has been a long time but I always knew that you were out there doing your thing. I was so syked when I saw that you had choreograped Stomp the Yard and I am looking frwrd 2 Stomp the Yard II…wishing u continued success my friend and may GOD continue 2 bless you beyond measure…love ya

  6. Congratulations! Aggie Pride! Live your dream, never lose heart, and fight the good fight! Aggie Born, Aggie Bread, when I die, I’ll be Aggie Dead!

    One Love,

  7. Alumnus “85” keep up the good work. stay positive, be positive, and continue to walk by faith. may God continue his many Blessings on you and keep planting the seeds of hope for the next generation

  8. Chuck,
    You continue to make people proud, especially those of us who are Aggies. Keep up your fine work. Your fraternity choice is shared by my son and it was shared by my late husband; therefore, I am doubly proud of you.

    Lucille J. Piggott

  9. Chuckie, I knew you would be successful when I saw you in Stomp the Yard. It was just yesterday when I marched with you A & T (I played Clarinet the Alto Sax). You look like a million bucks…..:-) I wish you continued success!

  10. Chuckie, I knew you would be successful when I saw you in Stomp the Yard. It was just yesterday when I marched with you A & T (I played Clarinet then Alto Sax). You look like a million bucks…..:-) I wish you continued success!

  11. What’s up Chuck? I’m proud to point you out in the movie Stomp the Yard to my family. It’s an honor to know you personally and see your success. God has given us all a gift and it’s awesome to see you recognize yours and use it to the fullest. Can’t wait to see you or your work in future movies. Corvin Davis

  12. Just reading about all that you are doing revs up much AGGIE PRIDE! Keep doing what you’re doing; continued blessings!

    Jackie Dobson

  13. Chuck, its been over 20 years (86-88) since we marched together in the Blue and Gold Marching machine. Cold Steel (Drummers and percussionists) were the heart of the marching band. Its great to see your numerous accomplishments and accolades, I saw you on a music show for ABC television about 5 years ago, you haven’t changed a bit. Continued success and may the highest honors be bestowed to you! AGGIE PRIDE!

  14. AGGIE PRIDE fellow Merrick Hall Alum!!! Congratulations for all your accomplishments…keep allowing God to use your many talents to share with the world. Be encouraged my brotha!

  15. I just want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for all the nice things you have said about me. I am so thankful and grateful to you all. I look forward to seeing you at Homecomeing this year. I’m a do all I can to make sure that I’m there. May God continue to Bless you all.

    Love and Peace,
    Chuck Maldonado

  16. Chuck, I just asked someone about you on Sunday, I remember when you moved to Atlanta in the 90’s and worked for American Express, look at you now!

    I knew that steppin’ and putting together performances/shows has always been your passion.

    So congratulations, keep on achieving and representing the Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. well!!!


  17. Hey Chuck,

    Congrat’s on your success.I do remember you from Cold Steel.I hope all is well with you and continued success on all of your endeavors.

  18. Chuck,

    You exemplify what realizing the dream is all the about!!!

    From one Greek to another!!!

    Kdog, Class of 88.. 2139 Scott-C…Roop Roop

  19. Congrats on your success! It’s always great to hear a fellow AGGIE doing BIG THINGS! 😉 AGGIE PRIDE!!!

    Shauntai Dudley
    c/o 2001

  20. Wow Congrats Chuck. I didn’t know that you were an Aggie. I met you when I did the press for the Atlanta HipHop Film Festival while you were shooting Stomp the Yard. The cast came to our awards show. I believe publicist, Warren Thomas, introduced us. You arrived with Ci Ci.

    Anyway, great interview. I know we’ll bump into each other again.

    Aggie Pride!
    ~Jonnice Slaughter / ChatterBox Publicity, LLC

  21. Hey Chuckie! It’s Donna I just want to say I’m proud of you and what you’ve become. You have been such a great friend to me and I am truly blessed to have met you. I thank God for you and I wish you the best in all you do. You are a blessed YOUNG man. Stay in touch! Love you,

    Donna Stewart PAHS’84 & NCA&TSU

    P.S its jackie! iLove you Chuck !!!! [everything you said above was sooo true] you are amazing !!!

  22. Congratulations:

    It makes me proud to see AGGIES doing well. Continue to Ask, Believe and Receive.


    Class of ’65

  23. Congratulations Chuck!

    I wish the best in the future! I am truly proud of your many accomplishments and I look forward to what is to come in the future.

    Much love and of course…..AGGIE PRIDE!

    Jasmine Davenport Crenshaw
    c/o 2005

  24. Congratulations!!! Aggie’s can do anything!! We are very proud of you……..keep on keeping on!!

    May God continue to bless You!

  25. Congratulations Chuckie,

    I am so proud of you. When I saw this message I immediately went back to our days hanging out with Greg Curry and the gang and the AMEX days. It is good to see that you are doing all that you want. Take Care!!
    Kim Pettifor

  26. HI Chuck,

    Congrats on your great accomplishments! A&T was really good to you! 🙂 I was just wondering, when did you grauate from A&T? I know that you are a Kappa and I was checking to see if you knew my cousin Damon Wade. I graduate in 2002. I know that you were working on Stomp the Yard 2 here in ATL with Terrence J. That is so awesome! It’s great to see our Aggies doing well! Have a blessed weekend!

    Krissie Hunt

  27. Hi Chuck,
    I see that you are trying to make a name for your self in California. Glad to see that you are sticking to your dream.

    I’m a Cali~girl too, and knows what it takes to success in LA. Wishing you the best of luck and success!!!


  28. I’m a Aggie alumni. And I’m glad that being a Aggie Cheerleader for all four years and being a cheerleader from my childhood, junior high school, and all four years high school has grounded me as the person who I’m supposed to be. I thank my Amateur for making me the woman I

  29. Sorry about the cut off. And for making me the woman that I AM. Don’t ever let anyone deter you from your dreams and aspirations. Very proud of you!!!!

  30. Chuck,

    Congratulations to you on all that you have accomplished/achieved thus far. Totally love your work! Wishing you much continued success!


    Tresonya Ball

  31. Having just seen Chuck teach a master class with Monsters Dance Convention, I have to agree he has the ability to do many things and teaching Hiphop dance is definitely one of them. Good luck to your creative endeavors and just do what you do!

  32. Wow! We can say we knew you back in the Aggie days! We are so proud of you!! My hubby, Jeff Monroe, said – well done Aggie, well done! Keep doing your very best!

  33. The first time I saw you dance was in a movie I was watching with my family. I had to rewind a few times… because one of those dancers looked VERY familiar and I realized it was the guy I marched with in A&T’s Marching Band! Good luck in all your endeavors and AGGIE PRIDE!!!

  34. My family and I just watched Stomp The Yard “Homecoming” while planning for “The Greatest Homecoming on Earth” – NC A&T. While watching the Choreography section, saw your interview and said…”I remember that kid from the yard and “T’s” drumline!” Glad to see God has shown you favor. Remain faithful and stay strong. Stay true to self and to your craft. Keep up the great work. And as always….”Aggie Pride”!

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