Tag: People on the Move

  • Mitch Brooks is On the Move

    My Name is… Mitch Brooks. You are reading about me because… 1) I co-founded and currently run a business called the Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group that hosts special events and parties, and which operates in four major national markets, and 2) because number one is not my day job.

  • Jemal Gibson is On the Move

    I was born to drug addicted parents in a world engulfed in drugs, death and destruction, but I managed to make it out of that environment with the same element that cursed me for much of my life.

  • Nava Coppin Wants to See You in Her Office

    Nava Coppin, a graduate of Elizabeth City State U, recently became an assistant principal at Elizabeth City’s River Road Middle School. She is our latest featured Alum in People on the Move.

  • E. Isis Adewale is On The Move

    My Name is… Eniafe Isis Adewale You are reading about me because… because our stories, often ordinary in our eyes, may be extraordinary inspirations to someone else. This is some of my story.

  • Natalie P. McNeal is On the Move

    Natalie P. McNeal is an award-winning journalist who launched her personal finance Frugalista blog and brand in February 2008, and is now following it up with her first book “The Frugalista Files.”

  • Army Wives Actress Wendy Davis is On the Move

    Army Wives Actress Wendy Davis is On the Move

    Wendy Davis stars in Lifetime Television’s “Army Wives”, the networks highest rated series in their twenty-five year history. She is currently shooting her fifth season with the show.

  • Nefeterius McPherson is On the Move

    Nefeterius Akeli McPherson is the press secretary for the Office of the United States Trade Representative, and she is On The Move.

  • Writer Quia Querisma is on the Move

    Quia Querisma is a native of Queens Village, and is proclaimed self-taught “internet athlete” who has contributed to AllHipHop.com, BET.com, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, and Examiner.com and more.