Army Wives Actress Wendy Davis is On the Move

Wendy Davis

My Name is… Wendy Davis

You are reading about me because… I am one of the stars of Lifetime Television’s one-hour drama “Army Wives”, the networks highest rated series in their 25-year history. I play Colonel Joan Burton, decorated war hero, wife, and mother. In real life, I am a proud graduate of Howard University and a member Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Right now I am… currently shooting the fifth season of “Army Wives”, which will air in March on the Lifetime Television Network. Most people have no idea of the sacrifices military families make on our behalf. I am truly humbled by their love of country, commitment, and sacrifice. It’s such a honor to tell their stories.

But if I weren’t… doing “Army Wives”, I’d be working on another one-hour drama television series. My next series will be a show where my character solves crimes. I’m personally fascinated by forensics and crime scene investigation. Also I’ve got a movie with Denzel Washington, a Western and a sci-fi movie on my bucket list.

One thing I do every day is… thank God for my blessings. It’s all about an attitude of gratitude. The more thankful you are for what you have the more abundant your life will be.

I can’t stand when people… give skin color value. This color is good, that color is bad. In my option, self-hate is one of the greatest plagues in our community. It is the root of many destructive behaviors in our culture. When a person starts talking to me about somebody being ‘too black’, I immediately remove that person from my space and my life.

But I love it when people… say “I Love You.”

If you happen to run into me on the street… stop and say hi. I love meeting new people, especially my Alumni Roundup family. We have a special connection and I’d love to meet you.

The best advice I ever received was… “Baby, you’re gonna have to learn to tie your own shoes.” “Don’t call no boy, let him call you.” “You can do anything you set your mind to.” “You should go to Howard.” “Get the epidural.” “Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.” “Next time check his credit.” “Life is a series of neutral events that you give meaning to.” “Love is the answer.”

If I had to coin it, my message would be… “Life is what YOU make it, so play hard, go full out, and risk it all for your dreams.”

My future plans… are to continue doing series regular television and to create an organization that focuses on promoting the advantages of diversity through film and television.

Big Ups to… Be Moore for creating Alumni Roundup and bringing us all together. Thanks Be! See you at homecoming.

Wendy Davis stars in Lifetime Television’s “Army Wives”, the networks highest rated series in their twenty-five year history. She is currently shooting her fifth season with the show.

Wendy earned a Bachelors Degree in Theatre from Howard University, and shortly thereafter, moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. Wendy’s first big break came on the television series, “High Incident”, DreamWorks SKG’s first one-hour series. Wendy was hand picked by living legend Steven Spielberg to star in the series. Of her performance in the pilot episode “The Hollywood Reporter” wrote, “The large and strikingly good cast all make outstanding first impressions, and Wendy Davis is magnificent as a cop’s widow”. Later Wendy was cast as detective Lynette White on the series “EZ Street”, a one-hour drama produced by Paul Haggis, Academy Award winning writer of “Million Dollar Baby” and writer/director of “Crash”. Her other series are “The New WKRP In Cincinnati”, and “In Our Lives.”

Wendy has guest starred on many TV shows. Her personal favorites are “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Commander and Chief”, “Cold Case”, “The District”, and “Any Day Now. Her Film credits include “Rendezvous” “Return To Two Moon Junction” “Trapped” and “Mother Ghost”.
Wendy has been nominated for two NAACP Image Awards. She was nominated for best actress in a Drama Series for “Army Wives” as Col. Joan Burton, war hero, wife, and mother. She also won a Drama Lounge Award for the Play Talking With.

28 responses to “Army Wives Actress Wendy Davis is On the Move”

  1. Great Work Ms. Davis!

    I watch the show for you and my boy Jay Johnson (military analyst/actor).

    Very proud of you both.

    Leslee C

  2. Hi Wendy!!

    I am a big fan of Army Wives.. I watch it every Sunday (during season) and I cannot wait for March!! You are doing your thing and I so proud to call you Alum!!
    Go Bison!!!

  3. Soror, I enjoy watching Army Wives. You and the other cast members do an excellant job. Nothing but BLESSINGS spoken over you.

  4. Greetings Soror,

    I am so honored to call you my sister. As a retired US Air Force Major, I truly understand the love and sacrifices of our military families and I truly thank you for your work and the authenticity of your character. Be Blessed and I look forward t the next season.


  5. Congratulations! I loved the show before I learned that you are a fellow Bison. Wishing you much continued success. The sacrifices of military families for my freedom should never go unnoticed. You’re making HU proud!

  6. I love your character on the show!!!! Army Wives is my all-time favorite show!!!! I wish you continued success!!!!

  7. Soror,

    As an army wife I truly enjoy “Army Wives”, it is my favorite show. Can’t wait until the return in March. Be Blessed

  8. Hey Linesister,

    I know you are working hard. I can’t wait until March! We watch Army wives faithfully. You are fantastic. I will share this article with Sakile. She can use those pearls of wisdom.

    Happy Holidays.


  9. Wendy:
    This is great news. Congrats on your success. I’d love to talk to you further about what you’re doing. Since our Howard days (I’m Journalism ’85), I have launched a nationally syndicated family crossword puzzle for families, which has been running since ’03. (If you’re in LA, maybe you’ve seen it — it’s in the centerfold of the Sunday LA Times each week). I’ve got an idea to provide an activity to keep military families bonded while a parent is overseas. Maybe we could leverage what we both do. If you’d like, feel free reach me directly (please message me on Facebook and I’ll share my number).

    Best wishes to you for a blessed holiday and unimaginably happy new year,

  10. KUDOS Ms. Davis!

    What a pleasant surprise to find a star on one of my favorite shows is a Howardite!!!
    As a real life Army Wife, I love the show. I appreciate the reality you all bring to the program and the stories you bring to life for those who have no idea what it takes to serve this country. My husband makes sacrificies for this country that most can’t imagine and you help people recognize what a Big Deal it truly is. Thanks!

  11. Hi Wendy,

    Do you ever remember getting your college education started at Saint Paul’s or do you just consider Howard your alumnus school? I know a lot of us haven’t forgotten about you and your bright sunshine smile. I just wanted to know if you remembered us?

  12. Congratulations Wendy…you are living your dreams! Keep the faith and the positive attitude! I declare and decree that God’s favor will continue to prosper you and your family.

    I love you very much!

    Your number, Renee 30-A-88

  13. “In my option, self-hate is one of the greatest plagues in our community.”

    A poignant and accurate statement Ms. Davis. Keep up the wonderful work and I send positive vibrations for your continued success.

  14. Great job. God has a place for all of us in His Master bouquet. Yours is on television, mine isn’t. Each of us as a responsibility. I am glad for you. Put God first in all you do… blessings will continue to come.

  15. Congratulations Soror!! My husband is a Military Veteran and you’ve inspired us to start watching the show. We often bond while watching our favorite shows and sounds perfect. We’ll add you to our list of Grey’s, Private Practice, and Hawthorne (featuring Jada Pinkent Smith). God Bless…

  16. You are so pretty and I wish you best for you however I might have to be win and you become best in the world thank you.

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