Happy Baby…Happy Couple? What men aren’t talking about…

It’s been weeks since your delivery and yes, everyone’s happy about the delivery of the new born baby!  But daddy wants his wife back. However, we as new mothers are struggling to keep the house clean, keep dinner on the table, prepare breakfast half asleep, juggle household schedules, get the kids hair combed, daily lunches made and still manage some semblance of an appearance. We are exhausted every day and the thought of stopping on heels and a smile at the end of that day is so close to never gonna happen its not even funny.

So to the new daddys I offer this, strap on a tight belt of patience while you take part in as many chores as you can. Both of you are getting less than your desired amount of sleep but not only will she notice the work you put in, her appreciation may pay off in ways that you didn’t expect!


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