When does a man get a “crying pass”?

Spotted on RRU.  Big Ups: Maclin WIlliams

If you win or lose a championship game, in the case of the death of a loved one, or at the birth of your child?

It seems like every other situation where you have a man crying it’s up in the air, some people think that it’s justified while others say “Man Up Brah”


Women always talk about how sweet it is when a Big Strong Man gets all emotional and sheds some tears, but if the brotha starts crying at the movies or something she’d be the first one to call him a punk lol


So, for fun, in what situations do men get a Pass for crying and when does it just get sad?


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  1. It's probably safe to say he can cry when he feels the need. The pass that was given are situations when his feelings for someone may come over him and cause some tears to fall while he' in the publics eye. It's possible that he probably didn't even anticipate the moment himself.

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