Amazing Journeys: Detroit (Part 2) Kronk Boxing and Beans and Cornbread Restaurant

Detroit was the first stop on our Amazing Journeys series of road trips. We set out in a Ford Flex to discover Black contributions to the cultural development of our cities and the resulting influence of that city’s culture of the country.Episode 2: Kronk Boxing Gym and Beans and Cornbread Restaurant (Southfield)

We visited Professional Boxing trainer and FAMU Alum, Javin “Sugar” Hill at the Kronk Boxing Facility. At the time of our visit, cruiser weight world champion Johnathon Banks was in training camp at the facility nicknamed “The House of Champions”.

Kronk is probably most famously affiliated with world famous trainer Emanuel Steward, trainer of former heavy weight undisputed champion Lennox Lewis.

The thing that stood out most to me at Kronk was the community feeling in the facility. There were boxers training of all ages, I’d guess from age 5 to 60+. There seemed to be a sense of pecking order, but in a constructive fashion. I was particularly impressed by the skills of those at the ends of the age spectrum, the young kids and the elder statesman of the gym “Old School”. The kids had men around, all working on their craft, creating an environment of mentorship. Kudos Kronk. You’re doing more than a few things right.
[Kronk on the web]

[Check out Tony AKA Old School, working out at Kronk]

Beans and Cornbread
was on a short list of restaurants we were told we had to check out. When we got there the staff were very personable, and the food was excellent. They have these little sweet potato muffins that are phenomenal! Also if you ever make it by ask for the peach martini. I can’t remember what they called it, but it comes with a piece of candy in it. They will know what you’re talking about when you ask.

Funny thing, as I watch the video, I think we should be fined for flagrant use of the word “chicken”. There should be a limit on the number of times in any given stretch of video that key words can be spoken. Don’t mind me, I’m hard on Black folks, including myself 🙂

STAY TUNED for the next installment of AMAZING JOURNEYS: Detroit (Part 3) Motown 50, and we head out for Chi-Town!

-Be Moore

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