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Leah + Kevin :: Nashville Wedding Trailer from FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland on Vimeo.


[Photo] Role Models

The Huxtables were a weekly illustration and example of one way to be a Dad, businessman, career woman, Spouse, Son, Daughter, Grandson, Sister, Son in Law, etc. Though we often had these examples at home as well, they served as a great reminder of how great we could be.

With fond remembrances. Thank you Cliff and Clair.
-The Staff at ARU


Dear Black Man, I want AND need you…

Dear Black Man,

Don’t you know that I want to love you. I want my love to be your love. I know that they tell me that there aren’t enough of you out there for me to love, but that’s never been my vision nor reality. I know that they tell me you don’t have the education that I have, but I know to the contrary.

For years I have told you, that “I got this. I don’t need your help.” But today, with my advance degrees, robust portfolio and home full of the best furnishings, I realize, Black Man, I need you.

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