Los Angeles Summer Staycation Day 1&2


Alumni Roundup keeps it pushing all year round, hitting our “Big 6” cities to interface and Roundup Alumni of all walks of life. Groups of Alumni from several schools come out, bring their friends, and so many GREAT discussion, networking, and new connections happen. Here’s a brief peek at what went down in LA this past week.

Above: First Stop, In n’ Out. Bad start?


Alumni HQ West for a week in Hollywood. Houses are just better than hotels in some cases.

2/3 of the keepers of Alumni Health & Fitness. These guys are instrumental in our mission to increase the overall health of urban America. Light and Chris Fitness.

The final 1/3 of our Fitness leadership, Scott Parker and Pretty Boy!

This was CF’s first time up Runyon. It seemed every time we saw him he had a different outfit variation to deal with the heat. I think he pee’d on that head wrap like Bear Grillz?

Be Moore


What the heck is that on the wall? Anyone seen anything like this before?

Sitting in Valley traffic heading to 24 hr fitness in Sherman Oaks. That place is a CLUB. I thought we were supposed to workout!


DSCN2527“Last night a DJ saved my life!” Say what’s up to Nicole if you make it by “The Room”.

Met some very cool people. Names withheld to protect the innocent.

Stay tuned for day 3.

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