I’m So LOST: Season 6 Episode 3


“He’s alive…”

Indeed he is, but is he still Sayid Hassan Jarrah?  That is still yet to be determined.  This week’s episode ROCKED!!! (Quite surprising because it didn’t have one glimpse of Benjamin Linus and/or John Locke).  I’m in a particularly fun mood today, so let’s just get to it.

  1. The Other Others are on some other shit and tried to kill Sayid.
  2. Sawyer is now officially competing with Jack for “The Bitch of the Year” award.
  3. Kate & Claire meet in the parallel universe while Island Kate’s sole purpose of going back to the island was to find Claire.
  4. In an eerie twist, ETHAN is the OBGYN…the same Ethan that tried to steal Aaron on the Island
  5. Oh.  Did I forget to mention that the Japanese leader man’s name is Dogan and he is the leader of the other others???  More to come on whether or not Ben is his boss or the other way around.
  6. Jack, in his bid for Bitch of the Year, ate a mysterious pill which would have killed him (NOTE:  He’s a fucking DOCTOR…He’s trained to know better)…Fortunately, Japanese dude Dogan slapped him in the throat and performed the Heimlich before it was too late.
  7. Kate goes chasing after Sawyer…she cries when she realizes that she was just a piece of tail in a polar bear cage.
  8. Hugo and Jin just meander around waiting to be actually used in the story line.
  9. Long lost Claire shows up Russo style shooting people and looking militant and crazy…maybe Dogan was right about her evilness.

Now I’m finished…Next Week…The Return of Evil John Locke and Benjamin Linus!!!


I’m So LOST: Season 6 Episode 1

“This story begins on September 22, 2004 in Sydney Australia when 324 people boarded a plane for Los Angeles….”

At long last the much anticipated sixth and final season of ABC’s “LOST “is here!   Losties (a.k.a. Lost Addicts) all around the country gathered around their televisions at 8:00 pm EST to watch an hour long recap of the last five seasons for what most will argue is the best television series of all time.  The two hour premiere immediately followed and took the fans through a mind boggling experience with all of the twists and turns that this show is known for.

Alright, so here are just a few theories/observations/questions on last night’s show that revealed a parallel, alternate universe:

  1. MIB (Man In Black) = Christian.  When Locke was turning the frozen donkey wheel to stop the flashes in season 5, he met Christian who said he was going to have to die as a sacrifice.  MIB needed Locke to die in order to take on his form.
  2. At first, when Sayid woke from the dead, I shouted, “Jacob came back in Sayid’s body”…but did he?  MIB didn’t use Locke’s physical body, he just needed him to be dead in order take on his form.  Furthermore, according to Parallel-Universe-Locke, the physical body doesn’t matter (“They didn’t lose your father, they just lost his body.”)
  3. Didn’t Richard take young Ben to the Temple when he got shot?  What happened to him during his healing?
  4. Interesting that Hurley was carrying an Ankh Cross in his guitar case.  One of the meanings of The Ankh Cross is fertility and life – and we all know the island’s effects on fertility and life…and loss of life
  5. Maybe a reason the plane didn’t crash this time was because Christian’s body wasn’t on it or because Hurley is now the luckiest man in the universe.
  6. How the HELL was Desmond on the plane???  Didn’t he originally get to the island by boat?  AND where in the world did he go???  I don’t remember seeing him in the airport either.
  7. Where did the blood come from under Jack’s collar?
  8. Why in the parallel universe is the island under water?
  9. What did Juliette mean when she said, ”it worked”?

I’m so LOST!  I can’t wait for next week!


Hilarious “Lost” Parody

Yeah its officially coming back tonight. See you on twitter fellow Lost-ies!


Get “LOST” in 8 Minutes

Thanks to the sneak attack of twitter’s @deedeepearl who delivered a box set of Season 1 of “Lost” to our office, the entire office staff is now HOOKED on Lost. All 5 Seasons have been streamed in clogging our wifi causing a jump in Hulu stock.