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[Updated]Racism? Newly crowned Caucasian Miss Hampton writes letter to Pres. Obama

Miss HIU

For the first time ever Hampton University has a “Miss Hampton University” who is not black.

22-year-old Nikole Churchill was crowned Friday night during the annual pageant. She is a senior nursing major at Hampton University. Her mother is 100% Italian and her father is from Guam.

The vast majority of students at Hampton are black, so some worry Churchill won’t be able to represent the typical Hampton student.

Movies Reviews

“Guns, Germs, and Steel: The roots of Inequity” Documentary Review


Spotted on akaTito’s Blog

A native New Guinean asks, “Why do you white men have so much cargo and we New Guineans have so little?” Cargo in this instance is a reference to general material possessions. The author of this bookdocumentary asserts that the idea of any race being intellectually superior is absurd, but still he is unable to answer the question. Why didn’t the people of New Guinea create metal tools or build large cities?

News Politics

“You Lie!”… Are you serious? Funny Rebuttal

Interrupting The President of The United States during a televised address should be an act of treason. Moreover, people in positions of extreme power aren’t allowed to have emotional outbursts. Screaming, “You Lie” showed Joe Wilson’s lack maturity, sanity and respect for authority. Three things one would hope a congressman possessed.


Africans vs African Americans

africans in america

Africa is not a country, and Africans generally do not live in trees or hunt game with spears. Nor do they all walk around in the nude among lions and zebras.

African immigrants to the United States say cartoonish caricatures and a Western media penchant for reporting on Africa’s disease, hunger and war — rather than the continent’s successes — trivialize their cultures. They complain they have trouble dispelling the stereotypes once they arrive in the States.


Warrantless Outrage

Spotted on Tito’s Blog

After CNN and other news outlets reported on the vile statements made by the Iranian president at the U.N. conference, I became curious as to what was said. After reading the transcript from the speech, I am reminded that American propaganda still exists. The speech is mild and truthful for the most part. Do you see any reason for outrage?


Urban Marketing: Do you fit the stereotype?

Millions of dollars are spent every year finding out what you want and developing creative ways to sell it to you. At the CIAA, corporate branding is everywhere. The most aggressive advertisements are by Ford, McDonalds, Coors, and Colgate. If you watch television or listen to the radio, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard one of the McDonalds’” Deeply Rooted” ads aimed at African-Americans.

Are these advertisements amusing and effective or polarizing and insulting?


Here’s what they think about you…

We spotted this on Ed the World Famous’ Blog:

Not a whole lot of commentary necessary, except:


And that premise is the basis for how they will treat your kids when they are away from you. We’ve got a lot of work to do people.