Are you microwaving your life?

Get Rich Quick! Get Slim Fast! Find Love Now! It seems as though patience, attention to detail and dedication to excellence have become dead virtues in today’s society. We want it all; pre-packaged and ready now. Is this microwave mentality creating the same outcome as microwaved food… appetizing superficially but unappealing at its core?


Treat your #1 Draft Pick Like Your Franchise Player

I got all mushy on y’all last week, so this week I’m back again hittin’ hard and makin’ you think. As I mentioned to one of my loyal readers (he knows who he is), if you feel convicted by what I’m saying to you, then that’s OK as long as you do something about it (me included). I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves…I’m just trying to give a little perspective to this thing we call love. This article serves as a cautionary tale. The question I pose today is:

Why do we treat our #1 Draft Picks, dare I say FRANCHISE PLAYERS, like they are the 6th man?

Give me your open mind and I will expand on this thought.