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Planet Fitness: Not Such a “Judgment-Free Zone” After All – Ban Women’s Hair Scarves

By Stephanie Humphrey

I consider myself to be many things – friend, tech-life expert, daughter among others.  I like to think that activist falls somewhere on that list, but beyond the sporadic addition of my name to a petition on, I don’t regularly make very many causes a priority in my life.  So while it might seem as if the mantle I’ve taken up is fairly trivial, I assure you it has implications much deeper than may appear on the surface.

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Stephanie Humphrey is On the Move

My Name is… Stephanie Humphrey

The reason you are reading about me is… I’ve done what very few people get the chance or have the courage to do – left my “good” job to blaze a new path in line with my true passions. I’m a former engineer who made a ridiculously exciting and scary transition into the entertainment industry. The plan is to kill the game completely, and the birth of the brand has already begun…