[Discussion] “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”


Ladies, Since Mr. Harvey has chosen to speak for all mankind in his new release, we would like to open a discussion to clear any unclear topics.

Have you read this book and still have questions? Want to know if something is really true? The fellas of AlumniRoundup would love to hear your questions.

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20 responses to “[Discussion] “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man””

  1. Brought this up on my blog on Monday (http://www.johnnyjonesradio.com).

    Yo, I feel some type away about the book too. So I'm going to go and buy it (better to support rather than just straight up hate without knowing what I'm hating on…), read it and then decide if he knows what he's talking about.

    BTW, tell your dude AkaTito I copped two shirts on yesterday – appreciated the shirts @ the low-low.

  2. Ooooooo Venom…..ouch. Have not read the book and missed the show. Its kinda hard to know what "acting" like a lady is….Oh..I am sorry. You problably are speaking specifically to someone other than me.

  3. I know hate when I see it…lol..

    Stop hatin..it's a great book…maybe it can help some women who are truly confused about the male species…

  4. Here's my question after watching the video.. is there something wrong with a man acknowledging the success of his woman and letting her 'provide". Not a slacker.. the dude actually puts in work also and makes a decent living but the woman has elevated higher…

  5. No…not at all. My mom (finance) made more money than my dad (teacher). But I think if that man doesn't feel like a man in that relationship..then everything the woman does that is "successful" is gonna be a problem. I think it just depends on the person…and the dynamics of the relationship.

  6. so what happens when he has profess provided and protected and still walked? does that mean he was just sportfishing with a twist or that his perception of being a man changed and therefore he had to rush back to the drawing board

  7. Reading the book presently. I think it is great. Some of theinformation I alreayd knew because I had been hipped by my brothers and mom. I actually changed my attitude when approaching my hubbie in conversation that has actually worked in my favor, because a lot of things that he wouldn't do he does. I'm going to have my daughter read the book just to hip her to the game! That way she would be able to avoid alot of those losers. I think the book is great I recommend it for any woman.

  8. I think books like this and "He's not that into you," are helpful to some and dangerous to others. Ladies please remember that every man is an individual and no formula can tell you everything about him. Plus the Roundup Team is here to answer any and all questions

  9. I have not read the book but this video interest me. I will have to agree with Steve when he says a real man will not be intimidated by a successful woman. If he is intimidated maybe you have to question his man hood?

  10. Points in this book caused me to acknowledge how serious the guy I am dating is about me. He is doing all of the things referenced in Steve's book and I was up here thinking it was just a casual thing and this man is really planning for the future. Thanks Steve!
    I haven't read the entire book yet (#79 on hold at the library) but it seems to be a very unbiased and personal opinion and with all the BAD advice we accept from friends, family and talk shows (lol) this may be the opportunity to get some GOOD advice. A recommended read.

  11. I read the book as soon as it was released. I highly recommend it to any single woman, since it provides kind of a "roadmap" AND explains some of the weird behavior we bump into during dating.

  12. I thought the book was wonderful. I think he gave an honest explanation of things that men do, how they feel and what their intentions are. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but I believe that men are simple creatures and not in a bad way, and this is evident in the conversations that two women who are complete strangers can have about their man, or a man that they once dated… we can always find someone who has been through similar situations, been told similar things, and encountered similar men. I think hearing a man's point of view was refreshing. I for one am as tired of hearing women tell us what men think as I am my gay best friend telling me how women should dress!!! lol

  13. The book is over rated. I picked it up at the airport, read it on the flight and thought about sending a letter to Steve Harvey asking him who are these women who: 1) need to hear this basic advice and/or who 2) think that SH is a point of reference for relationships. The sales, the waiting list, the chart positions are all based on great hype. I applaud the PR department at his publishing company, they have done a fine job! They were able to stir an emotion that causes natural inquisitive behaviour such as exploration, investigation, and learning…curiosity. Shame on me…. Mama always said curiosity killed the cat.

  14. I read the book and to me it was a great read. There are some things I already knew, and some things that I learned. I commend Steve on this book and his other accomplishments. Some people may not like it, but you can't please everyone.

  15. this is a sexist book. i tried reading it so many times. i just couldnt! i kept throwing away the book everytime. it shows how desperate and clueless women are??? Yes i hated it and im not afraid to say it. I dont even know why i bought it. All it says is to please a man do this to make ur man happy do this. its all about the man! what WE should do for HIM? i thought relationships r supposed to be balanced.
    guess man dominates all.

  16. Im 22 yrs old. single, and pregnant with my second child…. sure wish i woulda read this book about 4 yrs ago!!! I think it is a great book for young women to read…and have most of my friends reading it now! It really helped me to realize that its not just “the piece of shit” guys fault, its mine too… for not requiring more.

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