Legalize It?

Bob Marley said, “Herb is the healing of a nation;” it seems a Harvard professor agrees.

America’s take on dangerous things has been and continues to be, “ignorance is bliss.” We shame their use, shame and imprison their users, and act like they don’t exist. It’s time to educate ourselves and our loved ones on the positive and negative effects of using a particular drug. If you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, or much younger sibling then you know the danger in telling a person that they cannot do something without an explanation.

In the video, Jeffrey Miron makes a valid point regarding violent crime and drugs. Prohibition has made drug buying and selling an underground market. Underground enterprises cannot use legal means to settle disputes, so they use violence. The situations that happen in the board room, happen in the back alley. The difference is that in a board room executives have a legal team and a marketing division. On the streets dealers have muscle and guns.

Is the best way to control use of illegal drugs to make them legal?

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  1. I agree with the idea of marijuana being legalize simply because it's not an addictive drug. It's possible that it can become a psychological addiction but that will probably depend upon the person. I also believe that legalizing the drug would help to clean up the streets plus it could be controlled as far as the distrubution of sales. Marijuana, just like any other drug has it's pros and cons or should I say side effects that are mostly long term if the drug is being abused by the user. I took out some time to read about the drug because I use to work as a Substance Abuse Counselor and discovered that marijuana can be used as a muscle relaxer, patients with MS use marijuana to ease their body pains(Montel Williams). I think they should legalize the drug and open coffee shops to use it at or allow certain sections in public for marijuana users no different than cigarette users. In my opinion I truely believe that cigaretts are worst and is know to cause cancer. Should marijuana be legalize? Give me a reason why it's not legal?

  2. Excuuuuuse ME! THC is addictive. Now, I have not ever used it, but as a prior drug couselor, I've had several clients who did use it. I offered them all the challenge to stay off for just 14 days. They all had jobs at risk with higher weekly salaries then I made as their courselors. They all claimed they could take it or leave it (the weed). Before the 2 weeks was up, they all had to confess they couldn't leave it alone. I did the drug screens. 0% of my long term marijuana clients could stay clean without serious extra support and several relapses. So please don't spread the lie that it's not addictive.

    Regarding the legality of THC, I don't believe it should be legalized, but I would consider a trial period of decreased criminalization, along with the drug being offered for FREE. This would be soley for the purpose of drying up the food of the predator cartels. In no way should drug legalization ever be used to help sustain our financial economy.

  3. Anyone who has ever known a "weed head" can tell you that it is addictive. What is the difference between a "psychological" addiction and a physical one, if both lead a person to continuously abuse a particular substance?

    I think there needs to be more focus on the possible societal consequences of legalizing marijuana. Will people who never used it before be more apt to use it once it's legalized? Will those who currently use cocaine or meth, be able to settle for using marijuana instead? If one is predisposed to abuse alcohol, will they abuse marijuana? What are the long-term effects of continued marijuana use? These questions need to be answered before legalization can occur. It seems the so-called war against drugs has not kept people from using drugs, but should we give up completely, or try another tactic?

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