NAACP Calls Greeting Card Racist – On point or hyper sensitive?

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  1. c’mon son! I posted this on FB the other day…. with all of the racism around LA… they picked this?!?!? I’m embarrassed for them.

    I can understand having to listen to it twice but I heard “hole”.

  2. LC Sunshine, I agree with you. NAACP acted extremely hyper sensitive this time, they could have picked a better subject to defend.

  3. There are so many instances and practices of racism to expose and eliminate. Beyond the dubious notion that this is a racist gift card, why would the LA NAACP let the media use them for such a spectacle? I’m sure that they have a tutoring program or a homeless shelter at which members volunteer that they could publicize in the media. Someone has to advise them that they’re clearly being set up as an absurd example to undermine any other claims of racism – most importantly the legitimate ones.

  4. Well, if this is what the NAACP is going after these days it’s basically its own admission that serious racism is officially a part of history. White racism against blacks is now apparently roughly equal to the black racism against whites. Maybe now we can have an honest dialogue as races about our true views about each other if we ever hope to build bridges across the yawning racial divide present in America today. I am surely not racist, but I don’t even know where blacks hang out in the metropolitan area I have called home for 20 years. And to be very frank, I absolutely without question feel that I am often (not always) discriminated against and am subjected to prejudice because I am white. Let’s talk!!! The racial tension in this country that bubbles up through little BS stories such as this one is something that must be addressed with open-mindedness, empathy, tolerance and understanding in a national dialogue. Racists from all sides would do their part to disrupt this meeting of the minds and they cannot be allowed to succeed. Maybe if we can solve this problem together we can move on to other problems – education, poverty, crime, packed jails, the economy, corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, so on and so on.

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