Check out your boy ‘Bam!!! EBONY is bringing it with a 8-cover, collectors edition: The 25 Coolest brothers of all time(the covers after the jump). If you had to pick the 25 Coolest brothers of all time, who would they be?

Here are the rest of the cool covers….

Jigga Man


The Greatest

The Paisley One

Marvin, Marvin!

Billie D (When I was growing up, your mama, aunties, and cousins all wanted this cat!!)

PS:How BIG is the party going to be if Obama actually wins the House?

-Mr. Muhammad


  1. That is a nice picture of Barack… I wish they had a better pic of Marvin Gaye…

    What about Malcolm X? Farrakhan?

    Don Cheadle was on the list too.. and I definitely agree with that!:-)

    Was Mos Def apart of this list? I can’t remember…

    Sis. Kia

  2. IMO, Farrakhan ain’t cool. He dissed Malcolm when the Nation had it in for him, before they offed him. But I definitely agree with Bro. Malcolm being on the list.

    Miles. I mean you can’t have a list of cool brothers without including Miles Davis!

  3. 2 words
    Don Cornelius of Soul Train. That is a cool cat
    also Morgan Freeman is pretty cool.
    as far as cool women? Black women are to fiery to consider them cool. I would like to hear what black woman/women are cool Kathleen. Wait I just thought of someone. Erykah Badu.

  4. Interesting.. I was driving and I thought about starting a thread about it… I’ll put it up now…

    Sis. Kia

  5. “IMO, Farrakhan ain’t cool. He dissed Malcolm when the Nation had it in for him, before they offed him.”

    – called over two million black men to recommit to themselves, their families, their women and their communities on a Monday..
    – helped form truces between gangs
    – helped changed the direction and course of conscious rap
    – fought and provided protection for Bro.Jesse when the Secret Service refused for free
    – negotiated for the freedom of American hostages held in Iran
    – successfully helped to work to restore the image of the American Black Man throughout the world.. through talks with other controversial African leaders
    – helped to resurrect the political career of one of our black Mayors after he was completely written off.. Marion Barry..

    among a whole host of other things…..

    I just think that’s pretty cool…

    Sis. Kia

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