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Blame It on Black Male Pathology: Why Bella Gonzalez Can’t Just Have a Fatty

During this weekend’s main event, Showtime Pay-Per-View sandwiched eight rounds of anti-climactic boxing between two spectacular events.  If you watched the fight, you saw them: in round 3, Manny Pacquiao hit Shane Mosley with a beautiful straight left that put him on the canvas, and drew the obligatory “Ohhhhh!” from the guys with whom I was watching the fight.

Then, in between rounds 11 and 12, the cameras showed a side-profile shot of Bella Gonzalez, Mosley’s girlfriend.  Comically, the exact same “Ohhhhh!” went up from the fellas at our fight party.


New study shows New York Public Schools are unable to teach Black male students

The city is one of the 10 worst-performing large school districts in the nation when it comes to African-American boys.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education study looked at graduation rates, performance on national tests and participation in gifted and Advanced Placement classes – and the picture is devastating.

National tests showed 9% of New York’s black male eighth-graders were reading at grade level in 2009, compared with 10% in 2003.



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