Possibly the most effective 34 seconds political ad ever.

Aspiring Attorney General Ken Hodges served as special prosecutor in the 2003 shooting death of a Muscogee County black man, Kenneth Walker, by a white sheriff’s deputy, David Glisson.

Hodges allowed police officer David Glisson to make an unsworn statement in front of a grand jury. Glisson shot Kenneth Walker after pulling him over for a standard drug investigation, yet found no evidence of drugs in his vehicle.

The Walker case incited ill will in the state’s black community, who rallied together to state that Hodges should be “ashamed” of his actions and called for a second grand jury investigation, after the first grand jury failed to indict Glisson.

In the 2009-2010 state legislative session, legislators filed bills that would amend grand jury procedure regarding indictments of peace officers. The legislation attacked every erring committed by Hodges during Glisson’s trial.

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