Is THIS what we call support?

The ground beneath Senator Obama’s feet seems to get more and more narrow daily.
What WE have to come to grips with is that the “Black Vote” WILL NOT win the White House.
Revise that, the “Black Vote” CAN NOT win the White House.

Let that Breathe.

Take all the disenfranchised, apathetic, absentee, imprisoned, and modern enslaved black people and use those to reduce the 13% minority that we already are in America and tell me what you have left? A constituency that’s too narrow and unorganized to sway an open election process. Obama NEEDS non-black American VOTERS to show up for him in order to win.

Look, I don’t think that Fox network is anything more than entertainment packaged as news. It can be taken for fact no more than Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. Unfortunately, ‘Hollywood’ packaged as credible information is enough to brainwash Millions of VOTERS (and campaign contributors) in Middle America to believe the prescribed opinions. Obama NEEDS Middle America’s VOTES in order to win this election! How many will THIS latest bit of media hype cost him?

BLACK AMERICA! Let’s begin Redefinition class HERE, on THIS VERY VERY important point:
America is a Capitalist Nation. We VOTE every day with our dollars, and THAT’s a one to one ratio vote; there’s no electoral college, no proxy, no cloudy process. So if you are a supporter of Senator Obama (or any candidate in any election) JUST CUT THE CHECK!

Let’s leave the campaigning to the professionals before we sink the boat.

This is the Roundup, I know, educated black folks. I get it. If I’m preaching to the choir here then Choir, please get out and spread the word to your neighbors because we are messing up!

The Opinion PKA (Parentally Known As) Bryndan Moore

Of note: Check out the comment starting at 5:26
What the [explicit] is a SCARY BLACK MAN???
Aside from Malvo what threat have black men posed? America should be more concerned with the SCARY policies that got us occupying Iraq and MURDERING over 1,000,000 occupied citizens in the name of freedom.

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  1. I understand what you are saying Be, and I agree with your premise. I hope that we all understand that Barack Obama cannot be elected without the support of a whole lot of White people, and that there are aspects of Black culture that White people are unfamiliar with, afraid of (I believe that the woman filling in for Colmes was defining Ludcris as a “scary Black man” in a tongue-in-cheek manner), or simply dislike. These cultural differences, if exaggerated (ie. Fox channel) or exacerbated (Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.) could cost Obama the election. I get that.

    This brings up a bigger issue to me, and it is the number of Black people and causes from which Barack Obama must dissociate himself in order to be elected. I’m completely done with this 21st century version of “divide and conquer” that (accidentally) racist people are using in order to subvert and undermine the historical importance of this election. I remember when people were asking whether Barack Obama was “Black enough?”. Now the questions appears to be whether or not he’s White enough to get elected. If the first Black president ultimately has to be White, then where’s the real progress?

    I’m voting for Obama, and I’ve contributed a few dollars to his campaign. And I guess I knew that in the end, he had to denounce, distance himself from, and repudiate a lot of Black people in order to be elected, but it doesn’t lessen my disenchantment with him as it occurs.

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