Selling Yourself Cheaper than a $1 Menu Whopper Jr.

This title makes me chuckle, and I felt that it was befitting.

Let me try to somewhat explain. I have given-up fast food. Specifically fast food burgers, sandwiches and fries. I also no longer drink pop. (I refuse to call it soda, btw.) A couple of months ago, I was on a road trip. I failed to plan, and was stuck, in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat. So I had to eat some fast food. Well, I knew that I hadn’t had fast food in months, and I also knew that I was starving, and really didn’t have too many alternatives on the highway when it came to eating.

Remember, this blog is about LOVE. I believe that the best way to attract a mate-or people- to you, is by exhibiting how IN LOVE you are with yourself. When we eat healthy, we show that we love and respect our bodies. Those around you understand that this is a vital part of your life, and they know not to disrespect you, because YOU don’t disrespect you. It’s quite simple.

Well, back to the junior Whopper. I ate the Whopper. Tore that thing up, chile. It was good; lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, ketchup, and whatever that meat is. Anyway, that thing was good.

I ate it…and for the next 6 days, I didn’t eat anything else. No solids. Soup was even hard for the first 3 days. Lord, what have I done for You to have forsaken thee???

And the way that my mind works, as I was trying to nurse myself back to some sort-of health, I began to think. (Because, quite frankly, I couldn’t do much else.) How many times have we found ourselves out of a relationship, and you end-up “talking” to someone new “just because.” You know, because they were There.

No, they aren’t befitting as a perfect mate; not even a good mate. But, it’s about immediate gratification. They fit what you need right now.
Sure, at first, everything is fine. They may look good, smell good, and even FEEL good. BUT. Then comes the aftershock. Just like that Whopper Jr., it comes back to bite you, even harder than if you just would have dealt with the lonely period-or the hunger period. The storm may last for a night, but not a lifetime. So why do we create our own man-made floods outta the storms?

I hear lots of women talk about “Mr. Right Now.” For some reason, this NEVER works for me. “Mr. Right Now” suddenly realizes that he is lucky as shet, and doesn’t seem to want to let me go. Then, I find myself stuck with what seemed like something good for that moment, and steadily cleaning up what’s left because of it.

See, when I love, that’s what I do: love. I don’t know how to give partial love. So, I end up giving Mr. Today, what I’d normally give Mr. Forever. So you know what that means…(or do you?)

Either way, do know this. I have committed to no more Fast Food, and I mean it. If my body reacts that strangely to fast food after a hiatus, it’s because it KNOWS something ain’t right. So I’ll listen to my Digestive System.

And while I’m listening to my body, I’ll listen to my Heart too. No “Mr. Right Nows” for me, because I’m worth more than a $1 menu Whopper Jr.


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7 responses to “Selling Yourself Cheaper than a $1 Menu Whopper Jr.”

  1. Well put!!! We as women majority of the time will get involved with a man and know that nothing good will come of it… we get stuck in toxic relationships and can’t find a way out. We all should follow your lead and stay away from the toxic relationships that poison our systems.

    getting rid of hazardous waste 🙂

  2. Richelle…I absolutely loved the metaphor of selling ourselves short….This advice is good on all levels of our lives…!! When we are unhealthy we tend to attract unhealthy people and together grow old and unhealthier…..Men and women need to start thinking long term and determine what is best for them…what/who is going to help them become a better person in the long run….?? That heavy burger (and I HATE BURGER KING)…(Mr. Right now)? Or that salad with light dressing (Mr. Forever)??…

  3. Oh so well put!!! Self love, self respect, how much we have or our lack there of tells the rest of the world how much or how little we require of them. THAT is a definite truth! It effects everything from WHO you attract, to how you’re treated by people, to how much you get paid on jobs!! Great point in so many ways!! This reminds me of something you tweeted a while back about caring how you look, and people respecting you because you respect yourself! That stood out and stuck with me. Same applies in health and love. Funny, this makes me wonder, with what I’ve been attracting lately…..hmm? Lol! Thought provoking!!

  4. All toxicity should be eliminated from our life rather coming from a man or woman. Woman can be just as hurtful and unhealthy as a romantic relationship w/ a man.

  5. I LOVE the fast-food analogy! And yes, I have been in the exact same situation- purging myself of things/situations that were unhealthy and then having to regroup from the consequences of a temporary fix. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  6. Ok Trippple R your analogy is spot on. I like how it’s not gender biased that’s a beautiful thing, fair and balanced blog you pulled it off! I know for those that get it this will be a good read.

  7. Well said Richelle,
    I wish I could be strong and follow your words. It is all I do when running errands but I do not do Burger King!!!!

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