Category: Education

  • The Your Child Left Behind Act

    The No Child Left Behind Act has encouraged some really unscrupulous and downright despicable behavior on behalf of adults that are supposed to have children’s best interests at heart. The kids are being beaten over the head with bubble-filling and mindless exercises that don’t prepare them for the rigors of high school or college.

  • Associated Press Says HBCU’s Graduate Too Few Blacks

    The Associated Press recently released the results of a survey they conducted concerning the graduation rate of African Americans from HBCU’s nationwide.

  • Ed Rice is Fixing Education from the Inside

    One of our own is working hard, being the example to hundreds of Los Angeles Area kids. Beyond that he’s working with a system designed to create more great examples using peer counseling.

  • Education: Late Bloomers

    So it’s June 1st and the hard-headed student in your life that didn’t heed your fall warnings/death threats about applying to college has decided to go to college. Don’t panic. Here’s what you should do…