The Incredible Hulk

[Rating: 4/5]

I’ve decided that I’m not going to bore you with long detailed recollections of scenes, bashing of the 2003 film, or techno babble about the effects.

Instead let me tell you how I felt just after I walked out of the theater after seeing Marvel’s Super-Movie Reboot “The Incredible Hulk” on the 9:45AM show on release day. I felt like doing 1000 push-ups, painting myself green and running around my neighborhood barefoot!

The movie is the bomb and I’m going to keep it short and sweet by giving you a brief list of reasons why:

  1. The Movie was an INCREDIBLE throw back to the Bill Bixby television series. The technology was the same, the music was the same, and even a couple actors from the show made appearances. Two cool examples are include the green eyes that are such a famous shot in the show, and also the introduction of Reporter Jack McGhee (“Mr. McGhee, don’t make me angry…”)
  2. The reveal of the Hulk in the first transformation was burlesque in nature. We got to see an arm, a shoulder blade, a silhouette all as he disposed hapless villains.
  3. Liv Tyler plays Betty Ross, and is far more an attractive counterpart than Kirsten Dunst’s rendition of MJ (Spiderman).
  4. It is KID SAFE; no language issues.
  5. There were worthy Villains! Tim Roth’s role as a soldier and as the Abomination both proved to be a challenge for our heroes (yes I’m listing Banner and Hulk separate).
  6. The film was consistent with the main comic book renditions of the Hulk. There is no love lost between Hulk and Banner, and both stay true to their mission. In a pivotal scene just before the final battle, in which Banner risks his life for the sake of the people, there was a moment of question as we were unsure if the Hulk transformation would occur. Comic book fans might imagine the internal dialog as Hulk momentarily considers letting Banner fail; At least giving Bruce the fright of his life before realizing that he has no choice.
  7. Lou Ferrigno is Still DIESEL, and we love Stan Lee! Also Brazil is beautiful EVEN in the slums.

That bonus fans are looking for is just BEFORE the credits! No need to hang around.

Since the review was quick, leave NOW and head to the theater to catch the BIG fun. I’m headed out for my 3rd lap around the block.

Does spray paint come off skin easily?

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  1. That movie was off the hook. As for that review above, I could not agree more. As soon as I got home, I put the portable chin up bar in the doorway and went to work. The Hulk definitely had me focused back on my upper body workout LOL. This was a classic. Two Marvel features in two months and they were both on point. Tony Stark makes his appearance, Stan Lee (as always) jumps in where he can and you’re right, Lou Ferrigno, after 20 years, is STILL diesel :-)! Now I cannot wait to see The Avengers. My only question is this: Of all those superheroes, who can they possible put in that movie to stop THE HULK?!?!?! Impossible! 10 feet of solid muscle and ever increasing rage!!

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