Green Products, Fuel Efficient Cars and Snack Wraps


Over the past few years there has been an abundance of products that cater to creating a healthier, less toxic world.

Car companies have been creating alternative fuel, and more efficient vehicles whether they are smaller or have Hybrid engines. Many companies have followed the “Green” suit by creating products that require less refining, are made of organic materials that are in turn easily recycled. You can find Green products from toothbrushes to entire housing structures. Not far behind are food companies and grocery stores. Many food retailers are advertising food items that are lower in calories, include less fat and are smaller in proportion. Grocery stores are carrying products that advertise less chemicals and dyes. You can even go to the grocery store with your own set of “Organic” bags in order to cut down on their need to order more plastic or paper bags.

The question is:

Is this trend continuing because these companies truly care about our environment and their consumers or is it a case of supply and demand? There is definitely a larger number of environmentally conscious consumers that want these products in their life and most will pay a price variance without question.
What are your thoughts? Company Responsibility and Care of the Environment or Supply and Demand?

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