Atlanta Alumni Going Hard for their Health

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Alumni Wellness traveled to H.E.A.T Gym in Atlanta, GA to witness a circuit training session with Rahman “Ray” Grayson, FAMU Alum. HBCU Alum, Nichelle Brown-Frazier, Joey Digital, Jada Wright, Melissa St. Joy and Reggie Harrison jumpstarted their efforts with a body-shocking day of exercise.

The Trainer:
The Gym:

For more information on Rahman “Ray” Grayson’s 30 Day Cardio Challenge: CLICK HERE<<<

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  1. […] Various HBCU alum visited H.E.A.T. Atlanta for an intense circuit training session with Ray recently. With the 30 Day Cardio Challenge in full swing, they came in at the perfect time. For more pictures and info on the Alumni Wellness visit, be sure to check out Alumni Roundup. […]

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