When Scott Parker says “Jump!” You reply “How High?”

During our latest trip to the West Side to celebrate Mr. Roundup Russy’s Birthday, we spent considerable time enjoying the weather and soaking up the sun. Perhaps one error in judgment was thinking that I could hike on THE FIRST DAY with super trainer Scott Parker and his dog! I got my butt kicked, no doubt, but isn’t that what we hire trainers for anyway?

After days of daily hikes and good food to boot, the recollection of the first day was the best. The hardest for sure, but certainly the best.



3 responses to “When Scott Parker says “Jump!” You reply “How High?””

  1. Healthy living is what I'm striving for. We Black women really need to get it together. At the risk of offending some folks, there are too many of us are obese and are fooling ourselves saying we're "thick". Ladies cut the fat, up the raw foods, and get to the gym! It's never too late. Even the most busy of us can take 20 minutes to get it in.

  2. Scott,, Im truly impressed with your drive and motivation to work for yourself. You have always been a person of determination and fortitude. Keep doing what you are doing and I second the motion it all starts with nutrition .. Keep focus and do the damn thang!!!

    Your boy,,

    Paul B. Johnson, Jr
    Melaleuca, The Wellness Company

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