Relieving the Clutter

AS A MEDITATION TEACHER, people often tell me they are seeking a “quieter” mind. But what they really mean is they want a more “present” mind. A present mind, by nature, feels quieter and less cluttered.

Technically, everybody’s mind is “busy.” Brain scientists say the average person has a new thought about once a second. This equals to more than 60,000 thoughts each day. And did you know that 90% of the thoughts you have today will get rolled over into tomorrow?

The higher the quality of thoughts we have, the clearer the mind feels. And the lower the quality, the more cluttered it feels. Doubts, criticism, insecurity, and worrying about the past and future would fall into the “lower quality” thought category. Thoughts dealing in present moment awareness are of a higher quality.

It takes consistent practice to cause a shift in thought quality.

THE GOOD NEWS IS that people have been achieving present moment awareness through various spiritual practices like meditation and yoga for thousands of years. It has been well-documented that each of us has the power to naturally liberate our minds from the clutter – without drugs, surgery or drastic life changes.

The benefits from the little time we invest in this endeavor will positively impact every area of our daily life as we derive more clarity of purpose in our business dealings, educational pursuits, and relationships. Present moment awareness is an invaluable tool for helping us to better understand where we are, to appreciate what we have, and to effortlessly direct our minds, really, to whatever ends we desire.

And you don’t need permission from anyone to get started. Just start. The ripple effects from the steps you take today in the direction of present moment awareness will benefit you, and those around you, for generations.

If you haven’t already done so, make 2010 your year to tap into the goldmine of infinite creative potential that is already inside of you, awaiting your discovery.

Warm Regards,

Light Watkins

Light is a Meditation teacher in Los Angeles Caliornia
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  1. But how does one practice? What are the specific techniques for getting started and changing your mind from the constant replay of doubt, criticism, etc…

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