Mitch Brooks is On the Move

My Name is… Mitch Brooks.

You are reading about me because… 1) I co-founded and currently run a business called the Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group that hosts special events and parties, and which operates in four major national markets, and 2) because number one is not my day job.

Right now I’m working on… launching our fifth US Market in 2Q 2011: Houston, Texas; and I’m looking to build relationships with corporate and branding partners that complement the lifestyle and vision of our organization.

But if I wasn’t, I’d be… traveling the world. I just came from touring Italy during NYE. There’s nothing like seeing the world.

One thing I do every day is… Pray. Success is not achieved without a high power willing it. I’m thankful and grateful everyday.

I can’t stand when people… take for granted their god given talent.

But I love it when people… follow-up with us after an event to tell us how much they enjoyed themselves.

If you happen to run into me on the street… I’ll still have on a suit. LOL. Random places, all the time.

The best advice I ever received was… Wow. I’ve received a lot of sound advice… I would say: “You can make all the money in the world, but it means nothing without taking care of your own health and giving back to others.”

If I had to coin it, my message would be… “Be true to yourself—and keep things simple.” Or “Never go into a situation without a Plan B.”

Big Ups to… all of Urbane Lifestyle & Entertainment Group. There are 30 people around the country that I truly enjoy working with. I know I’m a perfectionist and a sharp tongued leader at times, and truth and bluntness is a weapon. Nonetheless, the team puts up with it and we have a shared commitment to be great. To seek greatness. The whole will always be greater than the sum of its parts.

Mitch Brooks, is a native of the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC. He is recognized by many as an innovative and influential social event organizer that has engineered events in over eight US cities.

In 2002, Mitch organized his first independent event during 4th of July in Washington, DC at Josephine Lounge (Formerly Dadaelus). After being met with overwhelming success, he developed a driving lust to make people party their asses off. Mitch took that desire and ambition with him to Florida. In 2006, he displayed versatility in co-founding Grown & Sexy Thursday’s at Cool Grindz in Tallahassee, Fl. The concept of Cool Grindz proved to be revolutionary, often attempted to be duplicated, and created an ever-growing demand for an upscale socialite destination.

Since then Mitch has hosted over 40 special events partying with thousands and thousands of patrons along the east coast. Special Events include National Black MBA Association Conferences, Atlanta Classics, Howard U Homecoming, Florida A&M Homecoming, NFL Super Bowls, and more. Mitch has a growing passion and insatiable desire to bring together people with common styles, interests and goals to provide distinctive and unique social experiences.

Mr. Brooks is a marketing professional that specializes in Marketing Analysis, Strategic Marketing & Planning, and Project Management. Mr. Brooks past professional experience includes Proctor & Gamble, FINRA (Formerly NYSE & NASD), and Caterpillar, Inc. He now works with DSI in Washington, DC. Mitch obtained his BS and MBA from Florida A&M University.

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