Amazing Journeys, Detroit: Behind the scenes pt. 1

The Alumni Roudup staff is on a major mission this year to increase our communication with you, between you all, and our combined message to the rest of the world. We are currently producing a show, a few episodes of which will air on RoundupTV during Black History Month.  This week we’re in Detroit experiencing the culture and hospitality of the city.  I don’t have a problem telling you I was taken by surprise by all the city has to offer.

These are just a few “backstage” shots.  We don’t want to ruin the show.

Big up Cass Tech Family.

Be Moore

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Hittsville, the original Motown Studio, not the Motown Museum.

The Brown Bomber’s fist: Joe Louis

The World Famous Kronk Gym

Trainer Sugar Hill, and Cruiser Weight World Champion Jonathan Banks

The Hustler enjoying Southfield’s “Beans and Cornbread”

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