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Amazing Journeys Detroit: Behind the Scenes pt. 2

From the streets of Detroit stopping in on all the notable spots (part 2)

Robin Terry, CEO of the Motown Museum talks with Roundup Russy

Whirlwind tour of Detroit is still in effect.  Here are a few additional behind the scenes photos from our journey half way across the country.  Next stop Chicago, and after that D.C. for the much anticipated Presidential Inauguration.

Be sure to check out the latest videos on the Russy blog, and RoundupTV as well.


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Big Russ explaining something in zero degree weather???

The New Mayor of Detroit speaking at the Motown 50 year press conference

Had to check out the Cat with the Carheart jacket

Why is EVERYBODY I meet from Detriot from Cass Tech!  LOL

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Glad ya’ll had fun… Felt your presence way in the next county… lol

Loving the pic of “Big Russ explaining something in zero degree weather???”
Personally I don’t stop to explain a DAMN thing when it is that cold out… catch you indoors! LOL

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