Marriage: The Single Black Man’s Perspective [Roundup Radio]

Roundup Radio: Hosted by Be Moore
What do Black Men think about the institution of marriage? We asked three brothers with vastly different lifestyles about their personal outlook on marriage. This is just the beginning of a great and necessary discussion. Let us know what YOU think.


Brief Guest Bios:
Lawrence Javier AKA Lavell Flamon plays the bass in a Denver based soul band. He holds a degree in Architecture from Howard University with which he graduated Valedictorian.

Maurice “Mo the Educator” Dolberry is a post Masters Doctoral student in Multicultural Education at the University of Washington, in Seattle. He is also a regular contributor to He can be found on twitter at @MDEduc8r

Light Watkins is a Los Angeles based consciousness expert who travels the world helping people improve their lives through meditation. He is a major part of Alumni Fitness, a fixture of Roundup Rendezvous, and can be found at

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