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Parenting: Tackling ADHD

Julian was just like most other 14 year old boys — energetic, fun loving and sports-minded. Summer was about to end, and the only thing on his mind was making the football team. He dreaded school, but was willing to do anything that would get him on the field again. Julian did not want to re-experience last year: athletically he was on top of the world… starting in football, basketball, and baseball; academically, the world was on top of him…beleaguered with low grades, discipline problems, and missing homework assignments. Because of the latter, the school stopped him from stepping foot on the field of dreams and told him to study harder.

For Julian, it was the worst of both worlds.


Tom Joyner speaks out on giving back to Black Schools

We’re gonna keep pushing this thing until YOU carry your hind-parts to the dealership and drop off that form! fill out the form, print it, go to ANY Ford dealer and THEY will donate $25 for YOUR HBCU or choice.


Rattler’s Driving for THEIR HBCU

Shot at FAMU Homecoming 2009: The team is making SURE we don’t leave not one red cent on the table with the Ford campaign. How ELSE can you raise money for your school WITHOUT pulling out your checkbook???

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Here’s how David Banner and Scott Parker are preparing for Roundup Rendezvous

See the Big Boss David Banner (Southern U) and Scott Parker (FAMU) are doing preparing for Roundup Rendezvous in South Beach Miami this June. Are you coming? Check out the itinerary here.

We’re bringing Yoga taught by our own expert, Body Toning taught by our own experts, Meditation taught by our own expert, the best parties, the right people, and its all FOR us and BY us. LET’S GO FAMILY!

More videos and fitness information found here.

Health + Wellness

Get Fit and Get Ready for Roundup Rendezvous!

Are you ready to get serious about living longer and healthier? Let’s do it together. Alumni Roundup will bring you fitness tips and information provided by experts in our network! Who better to learn and grow with?


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Singer Keanna “KJ Rose” Johnson is On the Move



Support KJ Rose on itunes…

My Name is… KJ Rose aka Keanna Johnson

The reason you are reading about me is…
I am an emerging independent artist that has toured with platinum-selling recording artists as a background vocalist who is now prepared to take center stage!


The CIAA Tournament Roundup Russy Style

The Alumni Roundup crew hit the ground running at the CIAA this year. Here is Mr. Roundup Russy’s take on the Ford Fan Experience. I KNOW there is more to come. Tito, hit the horn man!

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Top Ten Hip Hop Album Covers of all time

By  Mike Fever.

Style, Influence,Controversy,Shock Value, and Making a Statement. See if you agree with my list. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

1.Ice T – Power