Huey Speaks – on Sean Bell???

It seems we haven’t progressed as much as some would have us think.

In the wake of the not guilty verdict handed down in the case of the NYPD slaying of Sean Bell, New York City is plagued by civil demonstrations. Life isn’t like the NBA, there are no make up calls, and nothing will bring the victim back. Apparently nothing has changed since Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Danny Reyes (NJ), or Rodney King (L.A.).

What will WE DO to save our friends, our children, and ourselves? Discussion begins now.

Reverend Al Sharpton, Nicole Bell-Paultre, Joseph Guzman, Trent Benefield and dozens of others were arrested (May 7) in the area surrounding New York Police Department Headquarters, One Police Plaza.
This was only one of the six locations throughout the city that Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network designated as citywide “Slowdown” and “Pray In” locations.

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  1. Huey Newton was one of my fathers (if you know me, you understand). Much of what he taught us about the way to love each other and defend each other is more relevant now than when he was fighting to protect black people and poor people of all races and creeds.

    He, Dr. King and Malcolm X addressed issues we still confront daily, only now we have no men willing to stand as they did. There aren’t even any Muhammad Ali’s; no athlete today is going to risk anything (much less money) to make a statement about the war, or the state of America (black, white or other).

    Back in the day our men understandbly feared the rope, the gun or the lash; oftentimes today it seems we fear losing massa check. The best way to kill a revolution isnt by making a martyr, its by paying and teaching one brother to see himself seperately of another. Brothers united are unstoppable. Brothers divided, their weakness can be cloaked in new money, denial or even women outside their race.

    WHEN we will stand for each other, if not now?

  2. Somebody has to do something! We are getting our ass kicked out here and law enforcement is making out like bandits. Either you are the police or you are at their mercy! Sometimes I wish the Lord would come down Himself and change things. 50 shots that’s fear! Are all police scared of normal people? Is that why they joined the force to be able to discharge their firearm legally? I am on Sean Bell’s side! I’m not afraid to take a stand a lot of people are including Obama!

  3. No one is really prepared mentally or emotionally for what must be done. We have made great strides on an individually level to reach higher levels in corporate America. However, we view the large number of individual successes as a group success for Black America and that is a false reality. The single Black mothers, the young Black incarcerated males, the poor and underprovided are our problem – NOT their problem as they so “politically” speak of.

    Solutions: Start our own police force, stay in our own communities and revitilize what is old and rundown, build and develope it around our HBC’s, don’t go to the white elite colleges that use you for athletic cannon foder, and don’t rely on the NFL/NBA/Music industry to be the economic saviour of the your sons and daughters.

    Why won’t the players from KU (sorry but I’m an alum) go to an HBC anymore? Because the control race has promised them an NBA shot. HBC’s used to do that. Brown-v-Board was historic and debilitating. We lost control of who was the principal, the secretary, the teacher, but not the janitor (even that is changing). The janitor, maintenance worker, construction worker, and librarian are all an integral part of the school community but the examples of success are provided by the teacher, principal, and other support staff. Black America is not ready for the mental gymnastics required to out think the established trends in education that prevent black success. Black America is not ready for the emotional sacrifice required to turn its back on false wealth (massa’s pay check) and spend on your own people. We will not do better until we undo what the white race manipulated Brown-v-Board into and got started as a new form of control.
    Watch the episode of the Boondocks in which Gramps opens the “Itis” and lost it just as we slowly lost and continue to lose what our forefathers built. HBC’s should be producing our NBA and NFL heroes as in the past. Maharry should not be competing for students – it should have produced so many docors and dentists that it is expanding and should be bigger than Harvard, Stanford, Baylor, and Kansas University Medical Centers. Our lawyers should come from our schools. And finally, our businesses should be able to advertise in OUR local newspapers. Don’t subscribe to the Dixicrat.
    Now…THINK about the hardships you would have to endure and the mental gymnastics required, the emotional stress faced, and the economic lack experienced if we did these things. Are you ready? Are you ready to do what our forefathers did for us (their sons and daughters) so we could get massa’s check?
    Like I said, we need our own police, our own fire, our own military so we can be safe and free to sustain ourselves. That is who they pay to protect their businesses from us so we need to protect ours from them.
    Jena 6 is everyday in Kansas. Huey Newtons are destroyed everyday in the schools in Kansas. Black farmers disappear along with their farms everyday in Kansas. Their banks dismantal the “Itis” everyday in Kansas.

  4. I think that we need to look at the crimes that we commit against one. To me, black on black crime (we aren’t so far removed from slavery and segregation that we can be so selfish as to not even value one another’s lives) is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more atrocious than police brutality. We need to squash that. FURTHER, why is it that we all get in a major stir when a white cop harrasses us? There are PLENTY of dirty black cops out there. The majority of them target other blacks, yet WE don’t get in an uproar about them. Locally, a cop got in some trouble (Out of respect for his family, I’m not going into details other than he was accused of a type of sexual misconduct and malfeasance in office). NOBODY rallied or protested on behalf of the victims. These victims were black females. [Sidebar: In light of that right there, Black Women, we need to get down and dirty and speak out – if we don’t defend us, who will? All that I’m miss priss, miss sophisticated jive means nothing to those outside of our group. We definitely have to uplift one another without the condescension and insecurity. Some of our men seem to be practicing ethnic cleansing,particularly, some that think they’ve “made it.”]

    Nobody ever really comes to the aid and assistance of a true victim. Its seems like all that some of our people care about is crying out against injustice on behalf of people whose cases will get the most publicity. If a person got themselves in trouble with the law, they put themselves in that type vulnerable situation with the police. Now, if a person is totally innnocent thats different. If they were wrongfully arrested or accused or if they were just targeted by the police, then we all need to be loud and clear on their behalf. Other than that, I have a serious problem with wasting time on the guilty when the truly innocent are out there being targeted as well. Also, if we are going speak out against police brutality, our voices would be heard much louder and clearer if we supported everyone affected by police brutality regardless of race. Poor people and minorities are affected by this phenomenon across the board.

  5. NYC Police been on some BS since the beginning… even when the kids died at City College in Harlem back in 1991… the police were outside in there van watching the kids do harm to each other…even when 13 calls were made to 911… F#ck the police, EMS and Al sharpton.. he’s only in it for the money… how else does he make money?? He was down with city college for like a week…then disappeared like the media did… He talked so much shit about Puffy, the causes of the drama, etc…and then after the cameras were off, BOUNCED.. what a clown… I said it…

    SAVE yourselves by knowing you cannot not expect a revolution if we do not plan the resolution — Hopefully Obama will make a difference…

    —The Director

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