[DNC] (Super)Fly on the Wall: Denver Day 1

The DNC is a HUGE event, and though we couldn’t afford to send a live reporter to Denver, Alumni Roundup has activated our mole secret agent on the scene. For the rest of the week enjoy the quips and observations of our agent Codename: Superfly.

Currently, I’m working in Denver on the Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately in my work, I’m usually the only or part of the few blacks working on an event. Same goes here, there are a handful of “us”, but would you know that one of those people has turned out to be a fellow Alum!!!!! Oh, my goodness, I nearly fell out of my seat! And of course, the next question is, “Are you on the Roundup?” And her response was, “Yes!!” And today, I made a new friend…

My DNC Highlights from Day 1

  • Being at catering (lunch) and John Legend’s “girlfriend” asking who’s gonna get his lunch? And EVERYBODY responding, “You are! You are his girl!”
  • Being on the floor at the Opening of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.
  • The CEO of the DNC is a FIERCE African American Woman named Leah Daughtry. She’s a pastor too!  Alexis Herman, also fierce, spoke to an electrifying crowd of delgates…
  • My co-workers trying to get on CNN…they made it on too!!! Of course, they were in the background…on their phones being directed where to stand by other co-workers watching CNN….LOL
  • JJ, Jr. (aka Jesse Jackson, Jr.) just got off stage…I’m glad he doesn’t look so much like his daddy, that people don’t associate him with his dad (IMO). Wait….I just heard him speak, I take back I said, he “sounds” like his daddy and that’s all we need to make a connection. lol. On another note, these conventions can be a precursor to the future leaders of our nation…
  • oh…you guys this… is…sick! Who wasn’t out to witness Michele Obama speak. Oh you guys…oh, wow, I am almost speechless! I am so Blessed to be where I am and doing the work that I do! And Barack live from “your fellow American’s home!” this is sick y’all…its sick. But of course, as I began to take a pic via cell phone…(camera at home DUH) it shuts down on me!! Ahh…

All is well now & i’m ready for tomorrow.


-Codename: Superfly

Sites I see along my journey in Denver. Light rail to the left and to my right (out of camera shot) MSNBC has erected a stage in a parking lot.

MSNBC stage

Pepsi Center, home of the DNC, for now…

Legend giving an interview to Maria Menounos

The gang from CNN, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, etc.

The next “First Lady”

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  1. …being in the hall and on the convention floor when Michelle spoke was a truly an electrifying experience… she rocked the show with elegance, dignity, and grace… she showed pride in herself, in her girls and in her man!!! …really inspiring… She was representing!!!!

    SamXavier at the Big Show!!!!

  2. Great report! Yes, I definitely enjoyed Mrs. Obama’s speech. She is one of most articulate, on-point women I have ever witnessed. I thought I was watching the Olympics at one point when as soon as Michelle wrapped up the new commentors said, “OH, SHE NAILED IT!” I thought I was watching the Dive teams at the Olympics! I cried when Senator Ted Kennedy finished speaking. OBAMA ’08 Wait, I almost forgot….the music…..I heard sooo many 1970 and early ’80 soul songs that I started to get nervous. I would have turned the tube if a rap song came on! Thanks again for the commentary!

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