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Participate in a Day of Service this MLK Holiday

January 18, 2010 is the National Martin Luther King, jr holiday. At the President’s request, let’s celebrate this holiday as a day of service to our own communities. To find a project check

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”

On January 19, 2009, fueled by President Obama’s national call to service, a record number of Americans turned out to honor Dr. King by helping their neighbors and communities. The 2009 King Day of Service was the largest in history, with more than one million volunteers serving on 13,000 projects taking place in all 50 states. Participation in the King Day of Service has grown every year since 1994, when Congress designated the King Holiday a national day of service and charged the Corporation for National and Community Service with leading this national effort. This 5 minute video features media coverage about the President and First Lady’s participation, interviews with volunteers, and footage of service projects.


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All wedding day and no marriage

With all of the wedding websites, blogs, reality shows and movies coming out these days, I HAD to talk about it, or shall I say blog about it.  I am so over it! I can understand wanting to have a great time on your wedding day, but a good time has gone from a nice dress with a cake and a smile to $500,000 sometimes million dollar wedding bonanzas! Couples aren’t just jumping the broom and saying their “I do’s” anymore, it almost seems like it has become a game as to who can spend the most money and come up with the most outrageous requests!

Case a point, look at this damn wedding cake…really! It wasn’t enough that she had a cake her own size, it had to look like her and wear the same damn dress!?
Life-size bride
This was a “life-size” cake made in her own image standing at over 5ft tall, made up of butterscotch and polymer clay and was an exact replica of the bride in her wedding dress. Its not the amount of money or the distance at which one will go to impress those around them that makes a marriage!

Another case and point, Tiger and Elin’s reported $1.5 million dollar wedding extravaganza. Tiger reportedly went to great lengths to rent out the island’s helicopter and every room in the hotel where they were married to insure complete privacy.
tiger woods wedding picture
Great wedding picture, top of the line wedding budget…and look at the marriage now. Im not making fun of the couple, (cause that would just be in poor taste) but I do think it is a perfect example of how the wedding day and the money you spend on it has nothing to do with the marriage itself.

I think it is important to stress to my daughter that a happy marriage will not be based on the dress that she picks out, or the money she spends on it. Nor will it be about how tall the cake is or is not, what color the brides maids wear, what shoes she picks out, the names on the napkins, the choice of party favors, the venue she chooses or the food that they eat. It will simply be about her and her partners ability to communicate, compromise and trust one another, all which only require a leap of faith and their ability to use their words, both of which are free.
over the top weddings
I got married on the beach with my man, our close friends and no shoes.  It was plain, simple and perfect. The best memory of my wedding was the image of the tracks of sand that my bare feet left on the carpet as I walked down the isle. I have a wedding ring, but dont wear it, I know Im married and so does he. For me it has always been the little things that made the biggest impressions on my life. And that is what I want my daughter to remember when it is her time. Its not about breaking the bank for the wedding day, but rather building a relationship that will endure a lifetime of highs and lows.

And if … or when you make it to your tenth anniversary, splurge on a nice celebration with those that have been with you throughout the years, and dont forget to take pictures.


Atlanta Area Alumni participate in Toys for Tots charity event

Russy & Tito made it out to the New Era Flagship Store to support and donate some gifts for Toys for Tots. DJ Greg Street was in the building giving out his new fitted caps. For more photos and videos, log into

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Check out the President’s Message to American Students

The President gives a speech directly to Americas students welcoming them back to school. He emphasizes their hope and potential but makes clear they will need to take responsibility for themselves and their education to reach that potential. September 8, 2009.

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Father’s Day Technology Gifts

I don’t consider myself a gadget freak but there are a few tech items that I’ve purchased this year that are worth sharing.. Check out the following and you just might get an idea of what to get your father, husband or special man in your life:

So I just picked up a Sirius Radio system.. Well actually, Ford blessed me with a Sirius Radio system in the Ford Fiesta. I was also pleasantly surprised to open my door to a UPS man with a Sirius Radio Boombox delivery shortly after. You never will realize how cool Commercial Free radio is until you have it. I really don’t like local radio stations also because they end up playing the SAME top 10 songs every hour. It really gets annoying.. But with Sirius, I get worldwide music and a crazy variety to choose from. The Boombox has a dedicated Subwoofer in the bottom so it really delivers a range of sound. Additionally, It can take C batteries so I can use it outside if I don’t have an outlet in close range.

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Does Your Family Know Whether You Want To be Buried or Cremated?

I recently was devastated by the loss of a designer friend last week who was very close to me.
Ok…shocked was a better word.
He was here one day and gone the next.

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Can Mom and Dad live under the same roof?

Feeling the ripple of effects of last week’s Father’s Day discussions, I’ve really been feeling a calling to this subject. I’m alarmed at what was a trend is now an expected norm—to be a single parent. Why can we get together long enough to conceive a child but cant be a cohesive unit under one roof?