Alumni Wellness: The 20 Minute Workout Part 2

20 minutes to a flat stomach. Part 2: The workout.

The following circuit should be completed in the order designated below in three cycles. Complete 12 reps of each exercise for the first cycle, 15 reps for the second cycle, and 20 reps for the third cycle. It should only take 20 minutes to complete all three cycles of this circuit. At that pace you will accomplish muscle toning strength building, as well as fat burning. After completion of 3 cycles, complete three sets of 20 reps of the abdominal exercises depicted on the video. Good Luck!

Exercise 1: Plie’ Squat to shoulder press- Straddle a weight bench with toes out. Squat until touching the bench and pause. As you rise, press the dumbbells overhead.

Exercise 2: Squat to overhead swing- Hold a weighted ball between your legs. As you squat, lightly touch the ball to the floor. As you rise, swing the ball directly over your head.

Exercise 3: Single leg lunge to dumbbell shoulder press- Start in single leg lunge position position. Lower the knee of your back foot until it is close to the floor. As you rise, press the dumbbell over your head.

Exercise 4: Plank to alternate knee mountain climber- Start in push up position. Touch your right knee to your left elbow and vice-versa.
Complete without raising your hips.

Then on to Scott’s ab exercise. Make it count.

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