Feeling Delicious

Have you ever had someone touch you in such a way that you felt….lighter, more relaxed, sexy and even delicious? I was a “test dummy” for a friend of mine who was receiving his massage license and he need to practice to get his hands used to massaging for several minutes (up to an hour at a time). I was only too happy to oblige. He wanted to do me “right”…just like a customer so that I could get the full experience.

So here’s the story….

He first asked if I wanted to be massaged clothed or not. I was like shoot, I want the real deal (plus it was sorta bakin’ up in his house (no AC), but that’s another part of the story). So just for the record, when I normally get massaged, I get butta ball, so I proceeded to do the same thing here and we were good friends….so….anywho….He left the room and told me to lay face down on the massage table and cover up with the sheets. When he came back in, I was ready. He lit scented candles and had that Enya/Celtic massage music playing. Veeeerrrrrrrrry relaxing. No lights except for the candles. He asked me did I have a preferred scent (in terms of massage lotion). I told him I liked a peppermint/coconut blend he had. It had a cool feeling, but then it was also nice light scent and made me feel like I was in the islands. Mind you, we had been at a party earlier, so maybe it was the Bahama Mamas and Pina Coladas that really made me feel like I was in the islands, but I digress. So he didn’t just pour the lotion on my back, he put it in his hands, rubbed it all over his hands much like you would put on lotion. Then he poured some more and rubbed his hands vigorously together to get the friction going and get them all warm. Then he gently laid them on my back and started slowly doing circles in the middle of my back. He slowly moved his hands down to my lower back and then slowly back up to shoulders. As he rubbed, I felt the heat (maybe it was the lack of AC) from his hands and it was if I felt a very slight radiation just around his hands. It was as if I was a delicate and exquisite dough that he was gently kneading. He was firm, but gentle. He continued to work his magic and I’m guessing at some point I dozed off (passed out or something), because the next thing I know, I said, “Huh?”.

And he said, “Huh?”.

I coulda swore he (or some angel) called my name.

I said, “Did you say my name?”


“You sure? I heard my name.”

“I didn’t call your name.” Laughs at me.

So I get relax back into my role as the receiver of the gift. At this point, he was up in my hair, massaging my scalp and face. Then….a little while later as I groggily opened my eyes, I thought he had spun me completely around to the other end of the table because I saw the candles that were previously at my feet were now at my head. Really they weren’t, it’s just that my head was looking in that direction. I was ALL messed up, but in a good way. When he helped me up from the table, I was groggy and I swear it felt like somebody had slipped me a mickey. But when he asked me, “So how do you feel?” The first word that I could coherently mumble was….Delicious! And with that, I licked the peppermint from my lips and kissed his.

So here’s to making the time THIS WEEK, preferably tonight to make your SO feel delicious and IF you’re the giver tonight, make a date to be the receiver next time. Maybe you’ll get more than you bargained for.

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  1. I shoulda majored in Physical Therapy.

    Thanks for reminding me that I don’t rub my wife’s feet like I used to…worked almost everytime.

    Can’t do anything tonight. Hopefully later this week. In the meantime, where’s my test dummy?..:)

  2. Well now…I can’t provide you with the test dummy! I just play one on TV! :o)

    Burt’s Coconut & Peppermint Foot Rub (Borders Book Store) works if she likes that. Pick some up in advance of the foot rub.

  3. got it….hence the comment of I play one on TV…that was years back….I could not only be a test dummy for hubby anyway…..so I knew what you meant!


  4. WOW…you bout to make me drive 20 extra miles tonight and use up about a quarter tank of liquid gold (gas) cause I’m feelin mighty delicious!!!

  5. Girl I was feeling like this the other day and I mean “IT” was delicious whew!!!Those masssages work everytime.

  6. A great massage can work miracles and cause temporary blindness. A few years ago my sister gave me a gift certificate for a free massage as a Christmas present. I went to a holistic health center for my first therapeutic massage. The ladies who worked at this place were not the attactive asians who work at the other “massage” parlors and spas.

    The setting was very similar to what you described except she had new age music playing in the background. My masseuse was not attractive by any standards but she had a pleasant personality. However, she did have magic fingers. I had never felt so good from something non-sexual. As the massage went on, she started to look better.

    The massage was like beer googles. The more she did, the better she looked. She went from a 5 to an 8.5 in a half hour. Talk about an extreme makeover! I think I was ready to marry her when my time was. I also felt like smoking a cigarette, although I don’t smoke.

    I felt delicious also, but this encounter was strictly business and I am sure she was not interested in licking me like a lollipop.

    Ladies don’t be offended there was no happy ending in this story. I offered to tip the young lady, but tipping is not allowed at this establishment. I did become a regular customer. You can even check their website understand why I had to be blinded temporarily.


  7. Massage Story #2 (yes, I know the column is about relationship but I got stuck on massages)

    This happened to me a few weeks ago. My wife found no humor in this story but she had no problem spending some of the money I won.

    I don’t know if it was patience, luck or the awesome massage from the lesbian that help me have another good poker night.

    At 11:00pm I go to my usual Friday night poker game. I buy in for $60. I am bored and not catching any worthwhile cards. I decide to leave at 1:30am because it is not my night. The host asked me to help season 10 slabs of ribs in preparation for our special poker cookout the next day. I showed him how to prepare the ribs. I received a phone call and had to leave. A young lady is having a horrible poker night offered to finish “rubbing” the ribs with the dry rub. I give her $10 of my chips as a token of appreciation. I cashed out $104 (+44) and decide to go home for the night.

    I went home and could fall asleep. At 2:30am I decided to go back to the poker game. I buy in for $104. I am just listening to music on my iPhone because I can’t catch cards. A lesbian couple comes the the game but must wait because the table is full.
    One of the young ladies is joking with me about my music but offers to give me a back rub. She had magic fingers. That was best damn massage I ever had sitting down. I won two nice pots while she was working on my back and neck.

    The other players started joking that I paid one young lady $10 to rub my ribs but I offered nothing to this woman who was rubbing me all over. The massage was so good I gave her $10 of my chips when she joined the table.

    I left the game at 5:15am. I cashed out $323 (+219). I am glad I went back. I got a great massage and put $263 extra dollars in my hands. It wasn’t the happy ending you would expect from a massage but I will take it.

  8. Yeah…maybe I need to change my livelihood. Fa sho, a good massage can make you feel like doin other thangs. In my HU days…I used to give massages as a way to get what I really wanted…like…if things weren’t movin along fast enough…I’d be like…”you want a massage?” And as soon as I got dat YES, it was a wrap.

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