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Last week we hit you with a great new program: Johnny J Jones Relationship Radio.. Last week’s show was “The Female Perspective“. This week we will get into “The Male Perspective”. Johnny’s been waiting for this one to air.. You ladies got your turn (Shout out to Angie Jones) but now it’s the fellas turn.


The Oxymoron of “The Lovers Quarrel”

And were an epitaph to be my story

I’d have a short one ready for my own.
I would have written of me on my stone:
I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.
                     Robert Frost (1874-1963)



Entry #2 in the Playa’s Handbook

This is a subject that I could keep going forever and ever until folx get the point.  As I’ve been told before, “You could write a book”.  So let’s get right to it!

Rule #6 Don’t START doing what you can’t (afford to) keep up.


Are You Getting Lazy About Finding Love?

Are you single, but want to make a connection?  Ask yourself how much effort you’re putting into finding a date.  If you were new to an area and you got sick, wouldn’t you put out the feelers to find a new doctor?  What if you were looking to sell your house?  Wouldn’t you put the word out on the street to get potential buyers?  So then why are we so lackadasical about finding love?  Love is not going to find us and there are too many ways to find love to just sit back and HOPE.  I know we’re riding the Obama’s HOPE wave, but even in his case, if you did nothing…even HOPE may not have kept him alive.

So what are the options?


Life on the Color Line (Why not go white?)

Before I begin, let me share some statistics

  • “…black men are seven times more likely than white men to be incarcerated and twice as likely to be unemployed.”  – USA Today
  • “…American black women are among the least likely to marry.”
  • In 2004, 26.5% of black males ages 18 to 24 were enrolled in college versus 36.5% of black women that age…” American Council on Education
  • Nearly three quarters of the 403,000 black-white couples in 2006 involved black husbands.
  • According to USA Today, in America 6% of marriages are interracial; in 1970, it was less than 1%.
  • A Gallup Poll on interracial dating in June 2005 reported that 95% of 18- to 29-year-olds approve of blacks and whites dating. About 60% of that age group said they have dated someone of a different race.
  • 22 percent of Asian-American women have a non-Asian husband while only nine percent of Asian husbands have non-Asian wives
  • Currently, six percent of black husbands are in an interracial marriage, compared to only two percent of black wives.
  • Fourteen percent of black men who are cohabiting without marriage have a white woman living with them (Sidebar: DANG!  They can even get them to move in with them!)
  • Slightly less than 18 percent of Hispanic wives are wed to non-Hispanics husbands, and a little over 15 percent of Hispanic husbands have non-Hispanic wives (Sidebar: Probably white).
  • 86 percent of black-asian couples consisted of a black husband and an Asian wife.
  • The higher the social status of the black woman the less likely she is to ever marry.

Can You Take Your SO to Homecoming?

Taking Ya Folx (AKA Signifcant Other) to Homecoming when they didn’t’ go there!  Whew!  This is always a sticky situation.  To take, or not to take?  That is the question!  This is how I feel about taking My Folx to Homecoming @ HU (and I’m not talkin’ about Mom and Dad).  You have to be VERY secure in your relationship and they have to know how to play the back.  It’s almost like you’re the celebrity and they are your non-famous S.O.  You are huggin’ and posin’ (for pictures) with so many people.  Steppin’ with your frat or sorority that your SO certainly can get pushed to the side.  If they are the type that needs lots of hand-holding, then definitely HU (my alma mater) homecoming is NOT the place for them. 


Entry #1 in “The Playa’s Handbook”….

So I have to open up and start gettin’ more real.  This is the first installment in “The Playa’s Handbook”.  The stuff you know, but either don’t wanna know, don’t wanna accept or don’t commit it to memory like you should.  I’ll start with a few rules for the new to the game.  But if you stay NEW to the game, you can’t be TRUE to the game.  So listen up…