Lips, Hips & Fingertips

First let me start off by saying that I believe with my mind, body, soul and lips that kissing is an art.  With that being said, there are a few places that a correctly placed kiss can just make me wanna throw my panties on the proverbial stage.  It’s easy to remember and not hard to forget.  If you listen very closely, you’ll get her panties wet.  Try not to overdo it, her heart will flutter and skip.  As you move slowly from her lips to her hips to her fingertips.

So now that I’ve channeled Langston Hughes (don’t laugh)…I’mma get back to what I was sayin’.  I’ve had several kisses that are truly memorable and have shaped my perspective on kissing done right.  So consider this, Kissing for Dummies.  :o)

Now….even Howard Hewitt (in his song from the late 80’s “Show Me”), talked about the virtues of caressing “her fingertips”.  The main thing is not to rush, not to be insistent….to be able to pull her to you without even touching her.  So enough chat…where do you start?  The forehead, the eyes, even lightly on the cheek are all well and good.  But a soft, warm, moist (not wet and sloppy) kiss on the lips that lingers and gently, but not insistenly slides from side to side will make her fall into your arms.     Now onto phase II….

Move back, you don’t want to take it to fast.

Look at her eyes, but bring her fingertips up to your mouth and ever so gently kiss them.  Don’t suck them like blow pops, if you want some candy, stop by the local bodega and pick up some.  Some women might like that sort of action, but unless she tells you that, then don’t.  Lightly brush her fingertips with your lips and gently kiss them.  Another version…say you guys are walking down the street….it’s a chilly night and you softly bring her hand up to your lips and gently place a kiss on her fingers.  It’s doesn’t mean you want something, it just tells her that there’s no place you’d rather be.  Your lips are soft and chilly…her hands also…but the touch of your lips feels warm.  Now fellas, I don’t recommend doing this if you have not done proper lip maintenance.  That means constant chapstick (or moisturizer of your choice) usage.  Cuz nothin’ makes a woman madder than somebody tryna make moves with some crusty lips.  I recommend keeping a supply of Chapstick, Blistex, or just a stick of Cocoa Butter works too and it also smells like chocolate which might help her go there.  :o)

Finally, the caress of her hips should be strong, but not forceful.  You don’t want her to think she’s at a Lil Wayne concert and slow grindin’ with a thug.  It’s almost as if you think of dancing.  When the man leads, his hand is in the small of her back leading the woman through the dance, and he is only gently forceful with slight pressure applied here and there.  Imagine your lady’s hips, the curve (or not) of them.  The movement of them as she “rides”.  Imagine that and if you don’t wanna let it go…then rub your hands up and down her hips as you stand behind her and place light kisses on the back of her ears, neck, etc.  If she presses her hips back into you…then you know that the ball is in your court.  Otherwise….just enjoy the close contact and move to the music even if it’s all in your head.  At this point, you’re just showing appreciation for her curves.

So remember, when you touch, make it soft and strong, but never forceful or insistent….and she will fall, lips, hips, fingertips and all right where you want her to be.

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  1. This is a really good go to guide for men… Even the most experienced could learn a thing or two from this article! I like the instructions… especially on the finger and hip action. Good work!!!

  2. Great girl! My SO and I just had a convo last night about the art of being intimate without sex being involved. Those moments when you let the other one how excited they make you…without having to strip down right where you stand. Being subtle and sultry goes a long way!

    One of the greatest “tender moments”…washing dishes or cooking dinner and having him come up behind you to kiss that little sweet spot on your neck and wrap his arms all around you…you can forget what you were doing, cause we are about to start doing something else!!! LOL


  4. Fox, you know I’m your biggest fan…but this is merely theory. Good state of the union address, now for the opposite party’s response.

    Kissing is indeed an art. However, like most forms of art, it’s not received the same way by everyone. Consider the Mona Lisa. Some call it the greatest work of its kind; others say it’s just a painting of an ordinary woman.

    After nearly 20 years of practicing martial “ARTS”, and reading this article, I’ve realized that intimacy is much like the martial arts. Not everyone does every technique to perfection; nor does every technique work on everyone. Usually, the most basic movements (such as a straight punch) are the most effective, and even those require a respectable amount of practice.

    Fellas, if your “straight punch” is lips, hips and fingertips, then work that to perfection. Others may have to master bringing home flowers, helping with the dishes or listening to her rant and rave about God knows what, and offering comforting words at the end. But don’t use your punch too much, or she’ll figure out a way to “block” it…believe me!

  5. Jloot…’re right. This was not meant to be an all-inclusive list by any stretch of the imagination….and to JC’s point….everything doesn’t work for everyone. Take me, for instance. Don’t like toe, foot, action. I’d rather have my feet rubbed than toes sucked ANY day. It feels sorta creepy.
    The “crick” of your arm (that other spot you mentioned)…now HMMMMM….done right, I’m sure that can be a WIN-NAH!!!!

    Now JC….you are right. Too much of a good thing becomes…sort of “staged”. Like OK…he kissed me there, then he kissed me here, now he grabbed my tit. I guess he wants some…(up comes the block). But my point really is that whatever technique you use….if you use it w/out the expectation of of anything…that comes across much better and more sincere that doing something b/c it’s a lead in.

    Fellas….ever had a girl suck your d^c% who WANTED to and then by a girl who didn’t WANT to. Can’t you tell the difference? OK then…that’s all I’m saying about the above…..(gavel, gavel, gavel) I rest my case.

  6. …who said anything about grabbin titties or expecting sumthin? I remember very well our talk about gropin.

    My point was, even if it is sincere, it still may not produce the results you describe, not b/c it came across as a lead in, but b/c some women just don’t take pleasure from it.

    If you ever wanted to suck a guy’s d^c% but didn’t get the chance cuz he preferred being in the p~$$y, then you see my point.

    You and I really have to talk tho…

  7. Mrs. Fox,

    First, sorry if I offended. Second, I completely forgot to mention my “technique”. I used to rub my SO’s feet and kiss around her ankles when I was done. Worked everytime…until it became “staged”. So you are absolutely right.

    But this leads me to this observation: Even though men aren’t supposed to expect a “return” for a good deed, for all the times that sex has been withheld as a form of punishment when the guy messed up, haven’t women subconsciously trained men to think they’ll get it when they do right? I know I’m off subject, just asking your 2 cents.

  8. did you think you offended me??? that is fun-E! :o)

    But you are right that I can see how you would expect niceness in return for niceness, BUT consider this
    If you are speeding, you get a speeding ticket, but do you get a pat on the back for letting someone into traffic? It’s largely our mis-deeds that get noticed. Also…what if she feels like your nice things are what you are supposed to do.
    For instance, should you get some just b/c you helped me with my coat and opened a door for me. I’m not saying this in a spirit of misunderstanding your point or to be mean….I’m just trying to put in in perspective….

    But I do agree that we could be better at catching folx doing GOOD vs always jumping on them for doing BAD.

    So I know this is the political answer, but hey…ther’s a debate tonight. :o)

  9. Fox,

    I see your speeding ticket, and I’ll raise you a teacher who gives her student a “D” on an assignment because he didn’t meet the standards that the teacher laid out. On a later assignment, he does meet the standards and gets a “C” only because the teacher believes he should put forth his best effort anyway ’cause that’s what he’s supposed to do.

    My concern here is not whether I should get some for holding a door open. Quite frankly, if I knew even one woman who put out ’cause someone opened a door, I might not be married now 🙂 What I’m saying is there are A+ brothas walking around with C+ GPAs because their women have made the A grade unattainable.

    I couldn’t agree with you more that a man shouldn’t expect the “pie” for every time he does something nice. But if she blames not wanting to specifically on what he is not doing, or not doing right, and still doesn’t want to after he has corrected the discrepancy, then the relationship can become strained. Don’t say to your SO “I need a more romantic setting”, then after he provides it, say “You’re supposed to be romantic” and throw his effort in the “You just want sex” catagory.

    BTW, for all the nice things that we are “supposed” to do for our ladies, you would think they wouldn’t frown up when we ask them something as simple as to get us a beer 🙂

    I’ll stick to the subject of the article next time…I promise.;)

  10. NP…….:o)

    You make a very important point….and it is noted.
    It is a conscious effort on both sides of the coin. To catch doing right and coach when doing wrong. I say coach b/c a coach tries to bring out the best when he sees you doing something wrong…but doesn’t berate you.

    PS I give out for opening doors!!! Shoot! At this stage of the game, I give out for getting up with the kids, getting them breakfast and letting me sleep in another hour….:o) ha ha ha just joking (not about the kids though)!

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