Push Play (Sexy Mix Tape)

Thinking about gettin’ the mood right? Wantin’ to have some quality time with your S.O. and not quite sure how to proceed? Tryna deliver a message and not quite sure how to do it? I’ve listed some songs that you need to put on your “mixed tape” for your baby! (Now you know back in the day you usta make a tape for those special moments. OK OK…it could be a CD….but you get my drift.) So let’s get started.

When you want her to check YES instead of No or Maybe or the “Will you be my Girlfriend” note:

  1. How Deep Is Your Love – Keith Sweat (from back in the day)
  2. Anytime – Brian McKnight
  3. Spittin’ Game – Anthony David (Whew!…that’s my SONG!)

When you’ve messed up and just wanna humble your self

  1. Baby I Deserve – Tank
  2. Water Runs Dry – Boyz II Men

When you’ve been away a minute, live far away, or just ain’t seen your baby in a while.

  1. Save Tomorrow for Me – New Edition (feat. Johnny Gill)
  2. These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding
  3. Distant Lover – Marvin Gaye
  4. Voyage To Atlantis – Isley Brothers

When the relationship is new and you wanna show your sensitive side (PS You also wanna let them know that if they don’t follow the directions of this song, your CRA-Z side might come out):

  1. Let Me Down Easy – Isley Brothers
  2. Don’t Say Goodbye – Walter Beasley (If you know about this one, you’re GOOOOOOOOOD!)

When you wanna let your man know that’s it’s all about him

  1. I’d Give My All – Mariah Carey
  2. If It Wasn’t For Your Love – Heather Headley
  3. He Loves Me – Jill Scott

When you wanna let your girl know it’s all about her

  1. If This World Were Mine – Luther’s Version (Luther needs no last name of course)
  2. My Heart Belongs To You – Jodeci

When you wanna leave her breathless and also give her a little prelude to what’s coming.

  1. My Name Is Joe (Intro) (from album by Joe of the same name) (Sidebar: Though it’s just an Intro, you could make love to this one all night….or at least 15 mins on repeat!)
  2. My Place (Interlude) (from album Rated Next by Next)

When she’s been holdin’ out too long:

  1. Feenin’ – Jodeci
  2. I Want You – Marvin Gaye

Lawd….when you just want her to throw her panties on the stage

  1. Sweet Love (Track 11 from 112’s album, Part III)
  2. I Need Love (Robin Thicke from The Evolution of Robin Thicke)
  3. Don’t Say No (Just Say Yes) – Avant
  4. Say It – Ne-Yo

When you wanna share a flirtatious smile:

  1. Brown Sugar – D’Angelo
  2. Freekin’ You – Jodeci
  3. After The Dance – Marvin Gaye

When you just wanna walk up behind her, gently slide her hair away from her neck and slowly kiss her on her neck without the expectation of sex…(but believe me you’ll get some):

  1. Seduction – Usher
  2. Lost Without U – Robin Thicke

When you want her to know what’s up (but when really you both already know what’s up):

  1. Bed – J Holliday
  2. Naked – Marques Houston
  3. Read Your Mind – Avant

(Sidebar: Lawd ha’ mercy…an ice cube in the mouth

gently applied up and down the spine, some scented candles and some massage oil….let’s just say….”There goes my shirt up ova my head….OH MY?”)

When you hear this song come one, your eyes meet across the room and you both think…”That’s My Song”…and you slowly move toward each other, press your bodies together and rock to the music:

  1. Closer – Ne-Yo
  2. Get To This – Marvin Gaye

When you want her to do her stripper moves she just learned at pole dancing class

  1. Lollipop – Lil Wayne

And if you like her stripper moves and wanna say…Baby, it’s me and you forever

  1. Bended Knee – Boyz II Men
  2. Let’s Get Married – Jagged Edge
  3. Love Of My Life – Brian McKnight
  4. Make Me Say It Again – Isley Brothers

When she says YES! YES! YES!

  1. At Last – Etta James

I don’t wann go here, but it’s a fact of LOVE…When Love Hurts:

  1. I Wish I Wasn’t – Heather Headley
  2. I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Love You) – Aretha Franklin

If you don’t believe me, go listen to them…

I’d love to hear what you’d add to the Sexy Mixed Tape

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  1. …more romantic than sexy… but I’m always a sucker for Bruce or Chris

    … “I’m on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen.

    … “Wicked Games” by Chris Issac.

  2. Ohhh…thanx! I will check them out. I’m always trying to have my “arsenal” be something that folx don’t/won’t expect.

    What category would you put them in?

  3. You forgot when you wanna make it last for a while
    Moments in Love by ART OF NOISE.
    You also left out some of Phil Collins work.

  4. You absolutly can not have a sex tape without Prince!!!!!!!!! Secret Garden (prelude)for the grown and sexy of course.

  5. OOOOOOoooooo forgot about the Art of Noise….that was my coming of age “He’s tryna get some” song! :o)
    They usta play that at the end of the slow jams set of some radio station I used to listen to. Now I was not even having sex then, but it definitely made me imagine.

    I’m not a big Prince fan….so I knew I was gonna get called out for that! I do like (and considered adding) Adore. Played it at my wedding of course. But I’m not as deep into His Royal Badness as lots of my friends were back in like the 70’s/80’s….:o( So I do stand convicted (*head hung low).

  6. PS…..on Phil.
    Take a look at me now….I’m just an empty space…..
    Makes me whelm up every time. Just puttin’ your heart on the line with that song!

  7. HappyFat
    Have heard the Bruce S (I’m on Fire) before. I like it. It sounds very Johnny Cash/Sting to me.

    Speakin’ of which…how could I have left off STING! OMG! He’s one of my fav artist….good lord…that was a triple faux pas.

    And Kris Isak….I’ve heard that one before too….I….Wanna fall in love….with you! (Is that it? I could only find the DanceMix)

    I also left off Evanesance (Call Me When You’re Sober)….very gothically in love….but in a sweet heavy metal sorta way. That’s my blow off steam…”You know you ain’t been actin’ right lately and I’m giving your fair warning” song. I love it.

    Good additions.

  8. Not inta Maxwell huh??..

    I usta bump BBD “See you smile again” when I screwed up…even did moves from the video. I was on some different s#$t back then.

    Prince is the man, but I’ve never been asked to play him specifically right b4 gettin some…so I’m with you there. JUST DON’T LOOK IN HIS EYES!!!

  9. All time wedding song, “Real Woman” off of Isley Bros.’ “Spend the night” album.

    All time up to no good song, “Ghetto Queen”, R. Kelly feat. Crucial Conflict, “R.” album. Might be a Chi-town thing.

  10. I’m not against Maxwell. I actually like him AND my sister told me that he’s doing a show @ Radio City Music Hall for his comeback. Wish I could see him, but it’s on a Thursday night.

    ….till the cops come knockin’


  11. Well…I know I’m later than late…been busy…however, I did notice there wasn’t no Maxwell either. But, Maxwell is all you really need. All you gotta do is put his tracks on random. But this was more suited for back in my high-school / college days when I used to be more sentimental and more of a “play-music-during” person. Me, well I’m pretty quite anyway, but as I got older, I started preferring the sensual sound of breathing, among other noises a women makes, to include the natural sounds of her human anatomy. This way you know when you need to “adjust” your approach. But then again, a lot of this is dependent on what the mood before “the do” is. If ya’ll both been drinkin, then there might be more communication (amongst other things)…or if she’s tired but just “doin you” (no pun intended) a favor cuz she knows you need ya fix, then she’ll probably have the TV on or somethin, etc. So there are some dependencies here. But yeah…that new Maxwell might make me a “play-music-during” person again, fa sho!

  12. Put on that Sumthin Sumthin mellosmoothe remix and we might just let you go with a warning. Imagine a cool winter night, you and your SO just pull up to the driveway after coming from Cheesecake Factory and that joint comes on…LAWD!!!

  13. What about any songs from Sade? Or old school “Lay your head on my pillow……,”
    “Let Chill,” “Slow Wine,” Oh I can go on for days. Sam Cook, and yes any Keith Sweat song will make panties fall/melt/disappear! Dang did I have any on?

  14. Okay, this was a little harder than I thought…struggled to get the songs to flow. Ended up makin a second playlist.

    Playlist 1. (in this order)

    1. After the Dance – Marvin Gaye
    2. Til the Cops Come Knockin – Maxwell
    3. Insatiable – Prince (I know what I said before; but Insatiable is the jam)
    4. If Only For One Night w/ or w/o Creepin – Luther
    5. The Closer I Get to You – Roberta Flack
    6. Sweet Love – 112
    7. Beauty – Dru Hill
    8. Lady – The Whispers (may or may not fit, but the lyrics are deadly)
    9. He Loves Me – Jill Scott
    10. Say Yes – Floetry
    11. Submerge – Maxwell
    12. What’s My Name – Brian McKnight/JC :0)

    Playlist 2. (if you wanna cut to the chase)

    1. Freakin You – Jodeci
    2. Seduction – Usher
    3. Come Inside – Intro
    4. Bump and Grind/12 Play/Ghetto Queen – R. Kelly
    5. Uh Ahh – Boys II Men
    6. Lay Your Head On My Pillow – Tony Toni Tone (for Kool-Aid)
    7. Moment of Love – Art of Noise

    Old Isley Brothers playlist to follow.

  15. Correction – Take out Roberta Flack and Dru Hill. Put the Boys II Men Uhh Ahh remix after 112, then Slow Wine by Tony/i/e.

  16. so….
    My thoughts….panties on the stage for 1-6 (112’s original album…that was definitely some baby makin’ music)

    Then 9, 10 and 11!!!! Absolutely!!!!!

    I usta love Seduction (Usher)….tru…get the panties wet song…and Moment of Love (Art of Noise) is old schoo, but I would still play it.

    I like it….and we have lots of similarities…maybe we should swap “tapes”. :o)

    Isley Bros just stands on it’s own.

  17. No love for the Whispers?…damn. Glad you like it.

    Anyhow, this was my old Isley playlist.

    1. Spend the Night
    2. Between the Sheets
    3. Footsteps
    4. For the Love of You
    5. Sensuality
    6. Don’t Say Goodnight
    7. Lover’s Eve
    8. Make Me Say It Again Girl
    9. Voyage to Atlantis
    10. Groove With You
    11. Real Woman

    This one could get somebody pregnant…so use with extreme caution.;0)

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