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Roundup Russy in Honey Magazine


FAMU sues to get “sex tape” off the web

Florida A&M University was not amused when the name of its teams — the Rattlers — the FAMU logo and the school colors appeared in a video featuring what appeared to be eight students having an orgy.


Entry #2 in the Playa’s Handbook

This is a subject that I could keep going forever and ever until folx get the point.  As I’ve been told before, “You could write a book”.  So let’s get right to it!

Rule #6 Don’t START doing what you can’t (afford to) keep up.


Push Play (Sexy Mix Tape)

Thinking about gettin’ the mood right? Wantin’ to have some quality time with your S.O. and not quite sure how to proceed? Tryna deliver a message and not quite sure how to do it? I’ve listed some songs that you need to put on your “mixed tape” for your baby! (Now you know back in the day you usta make a tape for those special moments. OK OK…it could be a CD….but you get my drift.) So let’s get started.


Can you still be FREAKY with a FAMILY?

Let’s join this regular story, already in progress:

Male Point(s) of View:

  • My wife just is not as sexual as she was when we FIRST got married
  • My wife is not as freaky as she was when we first got together
  • Our sex life is unadventurous, uneventful and non-spontaneous.

Female POV:

  • All my husband wants is sex. Doesn’t he realize all I have to do, dinner, kids, work. I’m tired when I get home.
  • Sex is the last thing on my mind
  • My husband tries a coupla OLD moves on me, then when that doesn’t work, he just rolls over, I don’t think he’s really interested in ME, just in sex.
  • My husband doesn’t really do anything to stimulate me anymore
  • My mind is just not in a sexual place

OK now let’s turn it off.

The short answer is LIFE HAPPENS! But this is a common story, so what we will examine today is:

How do you keep knockin’ boots, when the little ones are knockin’ on your (locked) door?


Foreplay Begins in the Morning

Why is it that after the courting phase is over most men (your husband included) grope you like they are in a bar and are three sheets to the wind while you’re trying to whip up dinner, talk on the phone and get the kids a bath (all at the same time). Is this their idea of romance and seduction? Now while you certainly appreciate their attraction to you and the fact that “they can’t keep their hands off you”. Do they really believe your MIND is in a sexy place?

What I would like to put on the table is in order to have the intimacy you’d like, you must know that….Foreplay Begins in the Morning.


Does size matter?

OK….today’s column is all around SIZE. I will be exploring this topic from the female point of view as it pertains to the male member affectionately called, “the third leg”. Sometimes it’s a third leg and sometimes it’s a sixth finger. Nonetheless….the question I’d like to ask is…

Does size matter to you and if the answer is yes, how so?

So here’s the situation…. Imagine you’re with a group of friends playing Truth or Dare (in mixed company of course) and a multi-person dare is put out on the table. In response to the dare, all the men drop their pants/drawers immediately (no time to get the “little guy” in a better state of awareness that he’s about to be a Smithsonian Exhibit…so your memeber is chillin’ (read….shrunk down to the size it was when you were a newborn)). You drop your pants and OH SNAP….all anybody sees is the HEAD of your member. Now….your remedy for that is….”Hey….I’m just suffering from shrinkage” or “It’s cold in here” or “I had measles when I was younger and it stunted my growth” or any number of ready made excuses men have when they know they are not working with much. But does shrinkage just make you look like you have a little “detective”? Or more like a big “Pearl”?