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Marriage: The Single Black Man’s Perspective [Roundup Radio]

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What do Black Men think about the institution of marriage? We asked three brothers with vastly different lifestyles about their personal outlook on marriage. This is just the beginning of a great and necessary discussion. Let us know what YOU think.


New trend of “Black Dating” cartoons. This is going to get ugly… fast!

Here’s the Original: Black Marriage Negotiations

People on the Move

Roundup Russy in Honey Magazine


Lyfe Jennings releases controversial new single ‘Statistics’

Lyfe Jennings has released the controversial new single Statistics, which will be featured on his fourth, and said-to-be last, studio album I Still Believe. The album will be released through his own label, Jesus Swings, via Asylum/Warner Bros Records on July 27.


Dear Black Man, I want AND need you…

Dear Black Man,

Don’t you know that I want to love you. I want my love to be your love. I know that they tell me that there aren’t enough of you out there for me to love, but that’s never been my vision nor reality. I know that they tell me you don’t have the education that I have, but I know to the contrary.

For years I have told you, that “I got this. I don’t need your help.” But today, with my advance degrees, robust portfolio and home full of the best furnishings, I realize, Black Man, I need you.


The Slim Thug controversy

Reposted verbatim from Vibe
The way Black people think in general is messed up. Both men and women need to change their way of thinking. It’s hard to trust a Black woman [sometimes] because a lot of Black women’s mind frame is that the man gotta do everything for her⎯ he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him. If that’s what you’re here for then I don’t want to be with you.


Does Your Inner Spirit Wince at the Thought of Interracial Dating?

Jill Scott wrote a column for Essence Magazine where she describes the emotions she feels when she see’s interracial couples. It’s tastefully written piece by the singer, songwriter and actress regarding her point of view on a this TABOO at times and very visible topic. I watched TWITTER go bizzerk over this story yesterday, so I had to bring it my readers. I can appreciate her description of the PINCH, however I believe that the notion of the PINCH has some deep roots that would take a lifetime to dig up…

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