Healthy Movies?

Do images of exercise and healthy eating in tv shows and movies affect your lifestyle?

Normally I’m don’t go gah-gah over Will Smith, but when I saw him running in the film I am Legend, I was in love. And I got up and went and exercised that day. It was something about his lean body and fast pace that attracted me to him and motivated me to move my booty. The love affair is over (Jada you can put down
the razor now). But I have been exercising ever since.

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  1. I must admit, I watch [i]The Biggest Loser[/i] and I always seem to keep my gym appointments and portion control in line while the show airs. I also tend to get tips/pointers from the show that are pretty useful when eating on the run or exercising at the gym.

    I haven’t come across any movies that make we want to workout… although, [i]Kill Bill[/i] made we want to learn samurai sword fighting, that’s exercise… right? 🙂

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