Does size matter?

OK….today’s column is all around SIZE. I will be exploring this topic from the female point of view as it pertains to the male member affectionately called, “the third leg”. Sometimes it’s a third leg and sometimes it’s a sixth finger. Nonetheless….the question I’d like to ask is…

Does size matter to you and if the answer is yes, how so?

So here’s the situation…. Imagine you’re with a group of friends playing Truth or Dare (in mixed company of course) and a multi-person dare is put out on the table. In response to the dare, all the men drop their pants/drawers immediately (no time to get the “little guy” in a better state of awareness that he’s about to be a Smithsonian Exhibit…so your memeber is chillin’ (read….shrunk down to the size it was when you were a newborn)). You drop your pants and OH SNAP….all anybody sees is the HEAD of your member. Now….your remedy for that is….”Hey….I’m just suffering from shrinkage” or “It’s cold in here” or “I had measles when I was younger and it stunted my growth” or any number of ready made excuses men have when they know they are not working with much. But does shrinkage just make you look like you have a little “detective”? Or more like a big “Pearl”?

Ok…so that’s on the small side…now let’s go over to the XL side. You are The man, The Mandingo, The Myth. You are working with a sizeable package (which by the way ladies, you rarely can tell the difference between hard and soft with this group). You have no problems dropping your drawers in the aforementioned Truth or Dare group and people GASP not from horror (or maybe so) but in abject appreciation for having witnessed The Myth first hand. OK, OK….this is one of those things where we say….It’s looks good on paper, BUT….do I feel like you are trying to dilate my cervix everytime we have sex???? Abso-fuckin’-lutely not. (pardon the pun). This is uncomfortable. I don’t want to have to put heating pads on my lower abdomen after every lovemaking session. Dare I say, that’s not very sexy….for me. Maybe you get a kick out of it. But unless I’m a masochist….I’m not gonna be goin’ for that very often. So while a guy like this probably gets his fair share (quantity) just on the myth and legend, I’d venture to say that he doesn’t get tons of quality punnany, because nobody wants to feel like that on a regular basis. Now….just like there are different dick sizes, there are also different Ill-Na-Na sizes….so I’m sure his match is out there, BUT nobody knows about her because all the guys she’s had sex with have put the word out on her (and it’s not a good one) that you may as well be “doing” the air for all the sensation you get. So it’s really a catch 22.

Anyway…size does matter, but only to who you’re with. Studies show that women estimate males size better than men who overestimate their own size by at least 1 inch….so we get it already. The bottom line is, there is a perfect size for all of us. I’ve found mine and I’ve molded to it so we fit like a glove. I’ve also been with men where I was doubled over in pain (for like the whole day after….not fun) and on the flip side, I’ve been with men where I could have been smokin’ a Lucky Strike and reading the Reader’s Digest I was so bored (and didn’t feel a damn thing) and I don’t even smoke. So chin up, guys, size does matter, but only to the TWO people who are doin’ the “measuring”.

So ladies….here’s hoping you find the “hand” that is the perfect mate to your “glove” and then that’s the only size that’s right for you.

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  1. A.Fox this perspective is a shared one as I’ve lately realized the importance of *chemistry.* UGH! I wish it was a spray I could just apply to some people.

    I’d like to say size does matter, but really you and your partner connecting and, as you put it, having the “fie-yah” for each other is what matters. If you are not feeling the other person and you dont have skills, no matter if you Mandingo or Mini-Me, it’s going to affect what happens in the bedroom. If you are Mr. Ed, but you a lazy lover, then I’m going to feel like I’m dead weight lifting at the Olympics with no gold metal. Boring and such a waste of time and talent. But you could be Mr. Average Joe but be a champion lover.

    And then it also depends on the female and how skilled/comfortable she is with her sexuality. But again in the end it boils down to that chemistry. As a male friend told me recently, “I’m saying Party Over Here and she is yelling back YeeHaw. We are going to two different parties. It dont work.” It comes down to getting to know your partner, getting a connection of what the person is about. Because it is a mind game first.

    Great topic A.Fox!

  2. You’re right! Great Chemistry and open comfort with one’s sexuality can help Mini-Me feel like Mandingo to his partner…and vice versa….a woman laying there like a fish does not a good “episode” make. Both partners have to be engaged and open about likes, dislikes and fantasies…..
    NO matter how CUTE someone is…sucking in the bedroom (for whatever reason) can sure have them looking different in the AM and if you give the so-so brother a chance and find out that he’s an AWESOME lover…he sure takes on a whole new look as well. :o)

    He’ll have you gettin’ your SOUL GLO on! LOL

  3. i have to say that question goes both ways( not to sound nasty), sometimes its not us have you ever consdered the fact that you too much, for th average man(sometimes thats a bad thing

  4. I did make that comment above….and I quote….

    “Now…just like there are different dick sizes, there are also different Ill-Na-Na sizes….so I’m sure his match is out there, BUT nobody knows about her because all the guys she’s had sex with have put the word out on her (and it’s not a good one) that you may as well be ”doing” the air for all the sensation you get. So it’s really a catch 22. “

  5. This was a good read. It is VERY true about the man being able to work with what he has. I have been with a guy who wasn’t the biggest in that area, but what he did with what he had was amazing. He keeps me wanting more. On the other hand, I have been with someone who was larger and all we did was sweat and had me hurting for at least 2 days after… It’s all about how the two work together..good article.

  6. Your quote about….”all we did was sweat and had me hurting for at least 2 days after” (Now THAT was funny….:o)…) but I can relate to that. At first you’re like day-um (maybe even in a good way)…the you say…well maybe that was just the first time, so you might try again and then you’re like…OK…no thank you.

    Thanx for sharing! LOL

  7. Ok Fox. What about if there is no chemistry on the personality tip, but there is serious stellar, supernova chemistry on the physical level… Then does size matter then when making decisions about a relationship? Just thought I’d throw that one in there…

  8. I would say that not if you’re interested in a long-term relationship. If you’re just intereested in Knockin’ Boots and leavin’ them feelin’s on the sheets…then I think you got yourself a WINN-AH….but if you’re tryin’ to lock a brother down….then the outside the bedroom chemistry needs to be there…or you’ll find yourself MAD down the line when the sex game at that strong anyway…b/c life just happens.

    My two cents. I’d be open to other opinions.

  9. Well… I have also been at both ends of the spectrum, from Minute Rice to the Killer D, and I agree that neither extreme worked for me, with ONE exception. I was once with a “size challenged” partner who did things to compensate for his lack of size (lots of oral, and other ways to stimulate me), so I still had a great sexual experience. In general though, I find that it’s not so much the size, or even the shape (hooked, curved, layin’ to the side), but it’s what that person knows what to do with it. If you know how to hit the “spot”, you’re the man!

  10. Very interesting read, and yes – size does matter, a connection also is equally as important along with other qualities……. found my glove but unfortunately, there was too much BS with the package… sad because I felt we were perfect for each other in that realm, adding the respect that must accompany, but too bad for him, that his ego was bigger and because he thought he had me based on sex, he lost me…..the sex was like Oh my god….but there were other qualities that he had which is what kept me coming… shallow of him to contribute my loyalty to the act…….he will get others, but as I see it…as there are not many that we can match perfectly with so is true for him….he will find someone but will they give him the true, unconditional, perfect all the way around, uh I don’t think so…… now as I think about all that followed, it didn’t make the experience good at all, and he is finding that out with all the miss calls, cause, lol I’m worth more……….oh but it was nice while it lasted…whew

  11. Well, I guess I’m one of those girls who requires a larger schlong. Yes, there is something to be said for a guy who knows how to work it regardless of his size, but I’m just spoiled. Mr. Garden Snake can slither all he wants, but it will never feel the same as Mr. Anaconda! Of course nothing can replace a man who treats you with respect and loves you with all of his might, but for SOME of us size DOES make a difference. It’s not the ONLY determining factor, but it is ONE of ’em.

  12. Erm… I wanted to say something but not exactly sure how… because this is a really serious issue as the enhanced dimensions can lead to womb problems… and that is no joke… and the other reduced size can effect the psychological health of both partners….

    I truly do not know the answer because chemistry does not ring, for me, as a factor in any case… It is important to be physically anatomically complimentary, but this would require a certain amount of pretrial that is morally reprehensible to me…

    Personally: There is nothing that can be done to enhance an anatomical incompatibility… whatever else is tried will quickly get old..

    so I am on the fence for that reason…

    Sis. Kia

  13. Wowwwwww…bold article. A lot of it does have to do wit the “motion of the ocean” And if there’s no motion at all…in this case…ya’ll got bigger problems than size…and ya’ll can either talk about it…or contact a 3rd party for some pointers.

  14. I feel that its a little bit of it all. I think as a man, you do need a little size to work with. But you also need to know what you are doing and having an intense amount of chemistry will close the deal. Lets be honest here, regardless of WHAT the issue is, you better do SOMETHING or she’s not coming back. LOL!!!

  15. Size…. Lemme see. It matters if its just tooooo little but I do agree with HappyFatSkinnyGirl (very funny name by the way)!! Chemistry is sooooo important for a relationship but not required in a physical relationship. It is all preference I guess. The little dudes usually compensate like Starr said because they know they are lacking in the girth area but if youre not big on oral, which there are some women who arent, then thats not gonna be good enough. The BIG dudes sometimes have big heads as well as big heads and think that they don’t need to do other things because theyre gonna jackhammer you to death, which is not sexy. So again I say its preference and it depends on the person and what they know and how well theyve adjusted to their size. If your ding-a-ling (I had to use it once)is little you’d better figure out what you Boo loves and master it!! If your ding-a-DONG is huge, you’d better figure out how to stop banging her cervix out because thats cool sometimes but not sexy or healthy all the time.

  16. “…but if youre not big on oral, which there are some women who arent…”

    Wow…reminds me of some classic standup from Chris Rock (excerpt from his ‘Bigger and Blacker’ HBO special)…

    “Do you realize, it is Ninety-f*cking-nine and some women still don’t give head? Ninety-f*cking-nine! Whenever I meet a girl that doesn’t give head…I look at them like a damn Betamax, “They still make you?”…And when it comes to head,
    there’s three types of women:

    A: Women that don’t give head.
    Bye, leave, see you.

    B: Women that give you just enough head
    to shut you up. You ever meet them women? They’re like, “You okay?”…I hate them women!

    And number three, my favorite woman…the woman that likes nothing better
    than to suck a d*ck. That’s right, God bless all of you! That’s right, you make the world a better place to live in.”

  17. Thanx for all the comments that I haven’t had a chance to respond to since I’ve been outta pocket for the last few days.
    But I’ll re-state my summary from before.
    Size only matters to the TWO people doing the measuring.
    As DMBattle said…she needs the boyz that’s bustin’ out of the magnum condums. She needs the Magnum XL man, but as Lea and Sis Kia (that rhymes) said….womb/cervix issues are not cute. So it varies and that’s OK.

    What I think we (men and women) suffer from is porn/rap music images. “Yeah…I was bangin’ her back out”. Porn: Non-stop jack-hammering that the woman seems to really enjoy. Most of that, along with the crazy body (dick) images just make people feel like either they don’t measure up, OR that what’s going on in those songs/videos/DVDs is what is really supposed to be happening. What I will say is…what’s supposed to be happening is what the TWO people in the bedroom agree is supposed to be happening.

    But I also agree with Clayton….and will add one more thing (sidebar…Clayton…maybe you’ve given me an idea for another article)….
    Women….men know if you LIKE giving head….are giving head JUST to please him…or worse yet….if you won’t give it at all.

    The only thing I will say is….if she doesn’t like the oral, and she’s not willing to make the decision to go down on you, then men, you have a decision to make….(or maybe per Chris Rock…it’s already made)….LOL

    But ladies…if he’s “kissin’ the cat” like he’s a pro…..then you owe it to him to give as you have received. If you don’t know how…ask me offline or anybody…but if you love your man and want to please him….learn how. That’s just my 5 cents.

  18. Clayton– I wasn’t saying not big on oral as in she not giving head. I was actually saying, size and skill is important because some women aren’t big on GETTING head. I’d much rather have sex then get head.

    Just wanted to clear that up. I’m with you on that betamax…I didn’t know they still made those!!! LOL

  19. Y’all wild on this topic.

    A. Fox, in reference to your “Truth or Dare” situation, you gotta expect those kinds of dares going in. Then you can get your mind right…ya’ meen?

    I actually had to drop em’ on request years back. What helped me (I like to think I don’t need that much help) was that I knew that request was coming.

    I’m interested to know some of these ladies definitions of mandingo. Is there a benchmark length, or is it anything more than you can swallow?…if you do the oral thing. Speaking of oral, Clayton’s right. The world would be a much better place if more women gave head. I give you the Clinton years compared to these last eight. Laura let us down and we all owe Monica a bit of thanks!!

    Also ladies, what’s more important, length or girth?

  20. JC…where ya been????

    So are you willing to share pictures since you claim you didn’t need any “help” ???? LOL…just jokin!

    So I’ll give my definition of Mandingo….length (9 inches or more..a two hander with room for good mouth action), girth (a solid ONE-hander(no finger overlap)) and brown (no pink dongs) and text book pretty. :o)
    See, if you’re honest……even for a guy it brings an appreciative head nod and for the ladies a nice smile to the face.

    As a whole…I would say girth is more important to me. I wanna be filled up, but not necessarily all the way to my cervix and if you can maintain a nice smooth stroke AND stay inside…(so not so much girth and so little length that you slide out each time)….I’m good. I’ve had the pencil dicks and no thank you. They end up trying to “stir you up” like they are baking a cake or something……unless I’m writing my college essay a “pencil” is not what I’m looking for….Number 2, Number “9” or otherwise. :o)

    That’s my 2 cents.

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