Lips, Hips & Fingertips

First let me start off by saying that I believe with my mind, body, soul and lips that kissing is an art.  With that being said, there are a few places that a correctly placed kiss can just make me wanna throw my panties on the proverbial stage.  It’s easy to remember and not hard to forget.  If you listen very closely, you’ll get her panties wet.  Try not to overdo it, her heart will flutter and skip.  As you move slowly from her lips to her hips to her fingertips.


Velvet-Covered Diamonds

Black women tend to be thought of as angry, hard, feisty, no-nonsense, loud, independent (to a fault), etc.  But they are also thought known to be lovers, mothers, supporters of communities and families, soft, warm, plate fixers, boo-boo-kissers, voluptuous, colorful and phenomenal.   Something that came to me as I was thinking about this topic was why do we treat people at work sometimes better than we treat our own spouse or significant other at home? 


Feeling Delicious

Have you ever had someone touch you in such a way that you felt….lighter, more relaxed, sexy and even delicious? I was a “test dummy” for a friend of mine who was receiving his massage license and he need to practice to get his hands used to massaging for several minutes (up to an hour at a time). I was only too happy to oblige. He wanted to do me “right”…just like a customer so that I could get the full experience.

So here’s the story….


Treat your #1 Draft Pick Like Your Franchise Player

I got all mushy on y’all last week, so this week I’m back again hittin’ hard and makin’ you think. As I mentioned to one of my loyal readers (he knows who he is), if you feel convicted by what I’m saying to you, then that’s OK as long as you do something about it (me included). I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves…I’m just trying to give a little perspective to this thing we call love. This article serves as a cautionary tale. The question I pose today is:

Why do we treat our #1 Draft Picks, dare I say FRANCHISE PLAYERS, like they are the 6th man?

Give me your open mind and I will expand on this thought.


Finding it hard to BELIEVE?

Lyrics from “Believe” by Raheem Devaughn

With affection like a dreamer
with patience and understanding
like a teacher with a student, vice versa
promise not to hurt you, not to leave
not to lie, not to cheat, not to fuss
not to stress, like the rest in your past

Believe me I ain’t like most men
I ain’t like them others
you then dealt with in the past
just have some faith
that is all I ask, believe in me

“Believe”, is one of those “throw ya panties on the stage” type of slow jams. I mean it makes you wanna believe. It makes you wanna hold on to the fairytale that this time it will be different. Who hasn’t heard that before? What makes us lack faith? To not believe? I am a strong believer in not asking other folx to carry our bags. Remember Erykah Badu told us that we were gonna “miss our bus” cuz we had too much stuff. I’m also a firm believer in trusting each person on his merits. What makes us judge someone on the actions (merits) of others? What makes us ask the new guy to carry the other guy(s) bags.