Entry #2 in the Playa’s Handbook

This is a subject that I could keep going forever and ever until folx get the point.  As I’ve been told before, “You could write a book”.  So let’s get right to it!

Rule #6 Don’t START doing what you can’t (afford to) keep up.

Somebody who likes you will think it’s sooooo sweet that you fixed a picnic basket and took them to the park.  Somebody who doesn’t will call you a cheap bastard.  Somebody who likes you will say, my baby can’t cook, but she fine!  Somebody who doesn’t will say….”…and you don’t even cook!”.  If you START with breakfast in bed on her birthday, 5 years from now, it betta be breakfast in bed.  Men, women already know if they wanna give you a chance out tha gate, so over the top actions are not necessary.  Consistent actions are VERY necessary.  And women…don’t give head if you don’t want to.  1) He’ll be able to tell when you’re fakin’ and 2) It’s not fair to reel him in when you’re not being real.  Again…be who you are at your lowest energy level…cuz that’s you all the time.  The rest will be the icing on the cake

Rule #7 Men!!!!!  Don’t have casual sex with a woman who you WOULD NOT want having your child!

I know Roe v Wade established pro-choice, but it’s HER choice, regardless of what input she appears to give you.  Secretly she’s hoping you are just as exicted about her being pregant as she is.  When in reality, you wanna kick her down a flight of steps (not that I am advocating domestic violence, I’m just keepin’ it real about what you really think…..especially after you take off your beer goggles after a one-nighter).  But hey…it takes TWO to tango and if you know she’s 1) Crazy 2)No job 3) Unstable in any way, but she is “phat to death”, run the other way and say no thank you.  That thinkin’ with the small head will be the death of you.

P.S.  You are too damn old for one-nighters (and beer goggles) anyway!

Rule #8 Women can multi-task….Men, you can’t

A woman can check out a man from head to toe, tell you the name of his shoes and what kind of cologne he’s waring w/o 1) you even knowing that she peeped him and 2) w/o missing a beat in the conversation.  Men, you stop talking all together, follow her for one mile, turning your head as she passes and then wonder why when you turn back to look, you either meet the palm of her hand, or a funny look on her face with her arms crossed and then you’re like, “What???!!”.  Anywho….you can’t do it, so don’t!  You’ll get caught every time.  The ONLY way you can get it away with it is this way:

MAN: Hey baby, look at that leather jacket that girl is wearing.  I was thinkin’ about gettin’ you one like that, but wasn’t sure if you’d like it.  What do you think?

GIRL: Oh I like it, it’s cute OR Nawww, I don’t really like it.

If she likes it, then you have more peep time to continue this fake conversation.  If she doesn’t, assume your quarter has run out at the peep show, the curtain has dropped and you have no more quarters….the show is over.

Rule #9 Shoes and Hair

Men…I don’t care what you are wearing (unless you are out cutting the grass), nice shoes and a decent hair cut (style) are a must.  A woman can tell how you carry yourself (evenif you are slummin’ in sweats) if you have on decent shoes and a decent cut.  Oh and CLEAN, NEAT fingernails.  She can tell alot by those things.

Rule#10 Who you are trancends what you look like

This rule is for men and women.  If you are the finest thing walkin’ but an ASSHOLE, it might get you in the door, but you won’t stay inside.  In life, that won’t get you very far.  BUT if you are fine AND a sweetie pie (not a pushover), but kind to your mother, sisters, all your friends adore you.  Even if you were to get in a firey car crash tomorrow and survive, you’d still get dates, b/c then everyone would still love you.  Be kind to those you don’t HAVE to be kind to and you’ll get all the game you need.  BUT unfortunately, nice guys DO finish last…that’s b/c they tend to be pushovers.  If you follow all the rules, then….your game should start to turn around!

So once again…Start treatin’ yourself and stop cheatin’ yourself!  It’s almost a new year, bring it in right!

With love in the game.

A. Fox

And let the people say….CHU’CH!

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  1. Fox, I gotta git’ cha…

    Rule #6 Fellas, don’t do ANYTHING you don’t want to. If it “betta be breakfast- in-bed five years from now”, it betta get the same response. If she’s gonna put it in the “supposed to”/”you just want some” catagory, then it’s not worth it…unless you want to.

    Rule #7 I can count on one hand how many women I know who aren’t crazy or unstable in any way. If that’s a respectable amount of sexual partners, where were you when I was a virgin?

    P.S. It’s just as much HER choice to lay down with a man who her “intuition” should have told her was irresponsible.

    Rule #8 Ladies, if you treat your man the same way you would if you caught him looking at another woman, consider any punishment you bestow on him “Time already served”. Besides, I usually wait ’til she’s in the Baby or Electronic sections. She damn near forgets I’m there.

    Rule #9 Tell that to ‘Lil Wayne’s babies’ mamas.

    Rule #10 I’m glad you said nice guys DO finish last. Last is defined as “Only when the WOMEN are tired of being the pushovers”.

    Good advise tho…I’m upgradin my shoe and suit game as we speak.

  2. Rule #6 (also secret confession):
    I’ve given my husband the “you just want some” speech for special advances
    NOTE TO SELF: Not good! Must change in the new year!

    Rule #7: I’m sure my husband on any given day would call me crazy or unstable (or both)…but he loves me and the crazy days are not outweighed by the good days. And in the end….he knows why the hell I was gettin’ outta pocket on him. So it works out. But if you asked him (in front of me)…he’d say…”My baby crazy..but I love her tho’” :o)

    I also CO-SIGN with your PS. But at the end of the day…if she REALLY realizes that you are irresponsible, then SHE can terminate…YOU can’t w/o catchin’ a charge! :o)

    Rule #9…EWWWWWW!!! Lil Wayne got baby mamaSSSSS (plural). Who the hell????
    Money does change things though although I never understood that! I almost hurl if I look at somebody I’m not attracted to and they are making intimate advances. YUCK!

    Rule #10….Tru Dat.

    PS Send me pics of the shoes and I’ll give the PIMP PIMP HOORAY if I like them! :o)

  3. Damn..

    Now that you’ve broken it down to me like dat, I just might change my stance on pro-choice just cuz’a the unfairness of it.

    Maybe facin jail-time is what these women need to realize that they’re bad choices in men makes them just as irresponsible AS the men; and both will start being a little more selective. Who knows, maybe those nice-guy pushovers will start finishing first.

    P.S. I always know why my wife gets outta pocket on me. It’s cuz she’s crazy as hell!!!! I love her, but sometimes I feel like she’s using me to make the devil jealous.

    How do I send pics?

  4. I’d like to give you one of my personal favorites:

    NO RE-NEGOTIATIONS: If you start off just blowing backs out, that’s how you’ll end. If you started kicking it with him/her while he/she was in another relationship, that’s where you will remain. You can’t start a contract on one set of terms, then renegotiate for better terms after signing on the dotted line. Most people re-finance their homes through ANOTHER LENDER for better terms, not their current lender.

    So stop letting that dude blow ya back out trying to get the number one spot. You got your spot–booty call–deal with it and move around. Stop banging with a hidden agenda. Bang for banging’s sake! 🙂

  5. WOW!!! Good one Miss B!

    I like the no re-negotiations. And also…don’t get MAD b/c the re-negotiations didn’t work. Play your position (that was in the playa’s rules of engagment #1)


  6. This is a good one………. number 7 The best!

    With all the independent WOMEN ( desperate women)in their late 30s now deciding to put their business side aside for love.

    STOP trying to take a brotha to the MALL if you cant keep it up! Men do this too, but we can diconnect the love when taking on a sugar daddy type of role.

    Most woman can’t!

  7. Stop tryin to buy love is what it sounds like to me. Hey, it ain’t trickin if you got it. At least that’s what I hear.

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