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  • Review: The Expendables (2010)

    The Expendables is without a doubt the best Action film cast ever assembled. Its going to take a lot of dynamite for the explosions this much star power is going to have to walk away from….

  • Review: Eat. Pray. Love.

    Julia Roberts stars in the reprise of Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of her life transformation through indulgence, forgiveness, and meditation, “Eat Pray Love” Here’s what we thought of it.

  • Review: Predators (2010)

    The dreadlocked manhunting alien we’ve come to revere has hit the big screen again in “Predators”. Is it worth the time?

  • Review: Salt [2010]

    Angelina Jolie hits the big screen in her latest action heroin role as CIA agent Evelyn Salt. Accused of being a Russian spy, Salt goes on the run. How was the movie? Check out our review.

  • Review: Inception (2010)

    Inception is the movie you wanted to see but didn’t know it. Read this review then immediately check the local movie times.

  • “Takers” Movie Review (2010)

    I already know what you’re thinking… with a diverse cast of seasoned actors and criminal musicians this movie will probably be the next BET Movie of the week. Don’t judge this movie by its cast…

  • “Just Wright” Movie Review

    We had the chance to check out “Just Wright” at the NYC premier this week. Here’s what we thought.

  • “Hot Tub Time Machine” Movie Review

    When I heard Cusack going back to the 80’s I was geeked. I was ready to revisit the energy of Wierd Science, Sixteen Candles, Better off Dead, One Crazy Summer the list goes on.